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ザイフォン Zaifon
Zaiphon alphabet. Capital letters A-Z at the top, lower case letters a-x below (y and z above-right on 4th row).
Purpose Attack others, heal injuries, control other objects etc.
Owner(s) Various
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1


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Zaiphon is the magic of the 07-Ghost world; a supernatural force that allows the wielder to convert a life source into energy.[1]

It is utilised by the conversion of an internal, spiritual force: mana (the 'life energy' that souls are believed to be made of), and can be converted into different, tangible forms of energy by gifted humans or via advanced technology if feelings are imposed on it.[2] Once made tangible, it can then be used to attack others, to heal injuries, to control other objects or to do other things.

Biologically, it is a hereditary attribute,[3] though recessive, making it very rare.[4]


Like the common belief on mana, Zaiphon is found in both humans and land masses. It is the origin of life, and is found in all living creatures.[5] Mana is said to be the very force that keeps the continents afloat.

Zaiphon reserves in inanimate things (e.g. land) will eventually be exhausted or used up after continuous extraction (manga chapter 84). It is unknown if Zaiphon reserves in humans are limited or unlimited.

It is implied that a Kor can grant Zaiphon abilities to someone who did not originally have Zaiphon, as shown by the Boy Kor and the One-winged Kor Soldier.

Using a Zaiphon[]

It is currently unknown at what age a Zaiphon becomes evident in a person. For certain individuals, the ability to utilise a Zaiphon emerges sometime in early childhood.[6] However, as specialised academies for teaching children to control their Zaiphon accept those from ages 14+, it is likely that many first develop their abilities during puberty.

The Zaiphon of a youth is weak and unsullied.[7] A Zaiphon can become erratic and dangerous if the wielder is lacking in proper control, so special schools have been built to help people control it from an early age.

While capable of causing physical damage, on its own it cannot be used to attack unholy creatures like Kor and Wars.[8] Instead, using this technique would only result in damage to the Kor's or Wars' vessel.

Summoning a Zaiphon[]

Summoning an effective Zaiphon requires two factors: intent and movement. If the wielder is unable to properly focus, or does not move his/her hands in the correct way then the Zaiphon will not be as powerful.

The internal energy that is often converted into Zaiphon is emotion. Different emotions have different effects on the user's Zaiphon.[9] It is yet unknown if any other form of energy can be used in its place in humans, though there is a nameless energy derived from machinery being used to extract Zaiphon from the earth. Emotion is strongly tied to Zaiphon use, and if the person is unwilling, blind with rage or traumatised then their ability is greatly weakened, and is clumsy and more difficult to direct. On the other hand, while a sudden burst of emotion can temporarily cripple the user's Zaiphon, it can also cause it to become explosive and dangerous.[10] Certain weapons require a specific emotion in order to use them effectively.[11]

Movement plays a large part in directing an offensive and manipulation Zaiphon. Virtually all cases of summoning an attacking/defensive zaiphon are done using both hands (as shown in the case of Teito Klein and Mikage in the anime). Despite the disadvantage, it is advised that a Zaiphon be summoned in this way as it allows the greatest amount of control.[12] However, particularly talented and trained individuals, such as Ayanami, waste less energy in movement, as Ayanami is able to open a defensive shield or fire a Zaiphon standing perfectly still and using only one hand. So far, a manipulation Zaiphon is the only type able to be manipulated by a body part other than hands.[13]

Zaiphon forms[]

When a human converts his/her strong emotions into Zaiphon, their Zaiphon often takes the shape of words. This in turn allows the caster to communicate with others, even in places where it is impossible to speak (e.g. underwater), by using his Zaiphon to write what he/she wants to say.[14]

The words a Zaiphon manifests itself as can take many forms, often reflecting personal information about the user, like their nature,[15] soul,[16] mood, (the more intense the feeling, the greater the power), thoughts,[17] and the language they speak.[18]

Zaiphon types[]

Given that a Zaiphon is influenced by many different factors, the abilities of individuals can vary greatly. However, each ability can generally be placed under one of three different categories.

It is possible, though very rare, for someone to possess two types of Zaiphon. Whether it is possible for an individual to possess all three types is unknown. 

Offensive/Attacking Zaiphon[]

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Teito using his attacking Zaiphon.

An offensive/attacking Zaiphon is the most common type of Zaiphon.[19]

It is characterised by its aggressive and volatile nature and is primarily wielded by releasing short, potent bursts of energy. Its most distinctive features are that it: enables long-range attacks, can be summoned at some distance away from the wielder,[20] and explodes upon impact.

Its purpose is to cause damage, though can be used to cut an opponents attack in two (as a way of shielding oneself),[21] and bind an opponent.

An offensive Zaiphon usually requires exaggerated arm movement to utilise due to its wide range of attacks. Sweeping motions made with the arms summon the Zaiphon to create a shield,[22] striking out with a closed fist fires a Zaiphon, and grasping at the air allows the wielder to bind an opponent.[23]

Due to its explosive energy, an offensive Zaiphon needs to be properly managed, as an uncontrolled offensive Zaiphon is very capable of causing disastrous collateral damage, or harming or killing the wielder.

Healing Zaiphon[]

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A healing Zaiphon is slightly less common than the attacking Zaiphon.[24]

A healing Zaiphon is close-range, and is only effective when the user has direct contact with the receiver.[25] Healing is a long process and requires a slow, steady flow of Zaiphon- making endurance a vital factor in using this type of Zaiphon. A healing Zaiphon is more dependant on effort than talent like the other two types, so the user is able to learn a range of different techniques.[26]

Those with a healing Zaiphon are able to share or transfer their own Zaiphon to others, even if the two Zaiphon types are different,[27] and Ouida says those with the healing form have an obligation to share power with others who need it.[28]

Characters who possess this type of Zaiphon have to ability to improve the physical condition of living things via healing wounds, their own or someone else's.[29] A standard healing Zaiphon has been shown to close wounds and repair tissue damage. Healing Zaiphon also has some other uses e.g. Ohruri's healing Zaiphon reacts to all poisons, enabling her to wrap up and extract poisons.

The ability to transfer mana from person to person seems to be the driving force behind the healing process. It is highly likely that a person heals by being given mana (life energy), and regeneration requires a large amount of mana that will kill the person giving it.

A healing Zaiphon cannot be used to attack a Kor, but it can be used to restrict the movement of the Kor, thus making it easier to remove, and at lowered risk of injuring the host in the process.

Manipulation Zaiphon[]

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A manipulation Zaiphon is the least common type of Zaiphon, and is regarded as something very special.[30] It is also the most varied.

A manipulation Zaiphon can be anything from close-range, like Kikune's, to long-range, like Castor's. 


Castor's manipulation Zaiphon.

Despite the wide range of individual abilities, the defining factor of a manipulation Zaiphon is the ability to change the nature of an object, inanimate or otherwise. Unlike with offensive and healing, within the manipulation Zaiphon class, an individual's Zaiphon can be sorted into several smaller classes: changing the position of an object (e.g. Yukinami who can levitate and teleport animate and inanimate objects), changing the appearance of an object (e.g. the shape-shifting prisoner from the Begleiter chapter), changing the nature of an object (e.g. Kikune's Zaiphon can change poison into harmless smoke).

It works by controlling the Zaiphon of the object the user is trying to manipulate- aligning the Zaiphon of the object with that of the wielder and allowing it to be changed.[31]

Like an offensive Zaiphon, it too requires movement to control, though the amount of movement depends on the individual's ability.[32]

Manipulation of a Zaiphon using weapons[]

Zaiphon can also be manipulated through advanced technology. The Barsburg Empire has been shown to extract Zaiphon from land and use it as fuel for transport and lighting. (manga chapter 64, page 24 to 25)

While many Zaiphon users have been shown using their hands to manipulate their Zaiphon, there are a few objects that can be used to manipulate, channel and enhance the power of the Zaiphon.

Baculus: A baculus appears as a large, metal crucifix, decorated with crescents. Many of the bishops in the Church use a baculus to channel their Zaiphon, and it is a requirement to be able to use a baculus properly to pass the Bishop's Apprentice exam.

Sword: Castor has mentioned that there are weapons used to manipulate a Zaiphon, these being used for fighting rather than removing Kor from people. The Black Hawks in particular have been shown using swords to channel their Zaiphon at an opponent.


It is a common belief that those who are able to wield a Zaiphon are "blessed by God"[33] so it is possible that people first displayed these abilities as soon as the Chief of Heaven created human beings.


  • According to the manga, people who can use two types of Zaiphon are rare. So far, only Labrador (healing/manipulation) and Capella (healing/offensive) have been shown to be able to use two types of Zaiphon.
  • While Zaiphon is mainly used by humans in the series, Archangels Mikhail and Raphael, as well as the Seven Ghosts, Warsfeil and Kors, have also demonstrated Zaiphon abilities.
  • "Zai" can mean "riches" or "medicine" in Japanese. In Hebrew, "Zai" can be from "Izaiah", meaning "God is salvation". It is also worth noting that "Zaiphon" sounds like the English word "siphon".


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