ユース Yūsu
Paper money as it appears in the anime.
Purpose Currency
Owner(s) Various
Manga Kapitel 10
Anime Episode 12

Yuus (both singular and plural) is the unit of monetary currency in the 07-Ghost universe. It exists as both paper money[1] and as small metal tokens that act as coins.[2]

It is the currency of the Barsburg Empire. In 07-Ghost: Children, it's revealed that 1 yuus is approximately 2 yen.


Paper yuus has a green border, and is decorated with blue aside from the centre presumably where a portrait of the current monarch should be (missing in the anime). Its corresponding value is written in red.

The coins are thin and rectangular. They are translucent (somewhat, but not completely, see-through), and have their corresponding value carved into the top. Teito describes them as being "small lumps of crystal" and notes that they are "warm".[3]

The coins come in different sizes, and the bigger ones presumably mean a greater value. 


  • In the Japanese language, 'yuu' can mean 'tender' or 'kind'. 'Yuu' can also be from 'yuuki', meaning 'courage'.
  • Yuus are the only currency shown in the series universe.


  1. In Episode 12, the Wars Man was seen holding paper money.
  2. In Kapitel 27, Frau was shown using it.
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