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ユキカゼ Yukikaze
Yukikaze as he appears in Ayanami's flashback.
Aliases Aitsu (lit. that fellow) (by Ayanami and Hyuuga)[1]

Possibly Kaze (by Ayanami)[2]
Possibly Yuki (by Ayanami)[3]

Species Unknown (Most likely a Human)
Nationality Raggs
Gender Male
Age Probably in his 20s at time of death
Birthday Unknown
Height Estimated 170cm to 185cm [4]
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Begleiter
Affiliation The Barsburg Empire

Barsburg Armed Forces
The Black Hawks

Manga Begleiter (chapter)

Kapitel 26 and Kapitel 98 (flashback)

Anime NA
Japanese NA

Yukikaze is a minor antagonist who once served as Ayanami's Begleiter before Ayanami rose to the position of the Barsburg Armed Forces' Chief of Staff. Yukikaze was killed protecting Ayanami in Raggs Castle. He was one of the four earliest members of the Black Hawks.


Yukikaze is the name of a Japanese destroyer battleship. This name can be ironic in that Yukikaze (the ship) was the only member of its class to survive World War II, whereas Yukikaze (the character) is the only member of the Black Hawks who has not survived.

In the Japanese language, 'yuki' means snow and 'kaze' means 'wind'. 'Yukikaze' means 'windblown snow'.


Yukikaze officially appeared in manga chapter 98. Before that, his appearance had long been debatable. In the pilot chapter Begleiter , when Hyuuga is talking about that Begleiter whom Ayanami confided in, there is a light-haired man seen kneeling beside Ayanami and in the next grid seen fighting back to back with Ayanami in a flashback, that could very well be Yukikaze. However, in manga Kapitel 26, when the snow and wind is blowing, Ayanami remembers a man with black hair and eyes who says to him: "Watashi no ou wa anata dake desu, Ayanami-sama (I have only one king, which is you, Ayanami-sama)". In Japan, many fans believe that this man was Yukikaze (possibly because they think there is a metaphorical hint in chapter 26, as in the Japanese language, 'yukikaze' means 'wind-blown snow', and they suspect that when Ayanami says "Oh, Yuki.." at the time, he means Yukikaze instead of the snow).

In Ayanami's eyes, Yukikaze was beautiful, as Ayanami said "You are also beautiful when you are under cherry blossom petals" in the first drama CD.

In light of manga chapter 98, Yukikaze is about half a head taller than Ayanami.


When shown in the pilot chapter, Yukikaze wears the standard Black Hawk uniform: a black, or dark blue, ankle-length overcoat with golden trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs and neck guard. He wears black trousers and knee-length, black, buckled boots and white gloves similar to the other Black Hawks. His uniform has a small half mantle hanging off his left shoulder emblazoned with the Barsburg military insignia and a golden shoulder board on his right.

He also wears round glasses.




I don't need another Begleiter. Already.. Anyone.. I don't need anyone by my side. You are the only Begleiter I have loved.

—Ayanami said to Yukikaze's grave

Yukikaze kneeling before Ayanami in Begleiter chapter.

Yukikaze was Ayanami's servant and best friend even during the latter's childhood , when Ayanami was still a Raggs prince[5]. Yukikaze meet his demise after defending Ayanami in a battle[6]

In the first 07-Ghost drama CD "The Love Letter which God Receives", Ayanami is seen visits Yukikaze's grave and showed a gentle side that he never shows to other Black Hawks , thus rising a conspiracy theory that Ayanami may not have been so expressionless before Yukikaze's death.

Hyuuga said in the drama "Yukikaze is smiling, saying Aya-tan is a superior who is so stubborn that it's slightly embarrassing".[7] So, it appears that Yukikaze was indulgent of Ayanami.

It seems that Ayanami was unable to forgive himself for failing to ensure Yukikaze's safety , as even though Yukikaze has been deceased for more than ten years, Ayanami has been rejecting anyone who applies for that a Begleiter position. Ayanami still refused to develop a close relationship with another Begleiter until Yukinami become his Begleiter.

Ayanami somehow wishes that Yukikaze had not meet him (as Yukikaze may still be alive if he hadn't crossed path with Ayanami during the latter's childhood , and that Yukikaze wouldn't have left his family and motherland to follow Ayanami to Barsburg when the latter was exiled).[8]

I have obtained freedom whose name is loneliness,my time has stopped since you left me and went to somewhere far away.

—Ayanami, to Yukikaze's grave in the first Drama CD .

Presumably, Ayanami might have harbored romantic feelings for Yukikaze, judging from the way he phrases his meetings with Yukikaze. Hyuuga said that Ayanami and Yukikaze were very close, pratically married,[9] and that Yukikaze cared a great deal for Ayanami, as he "served Aya-tan without a second thought for his own life".[10] Ayanami has also said that Yukikaze is "the only Begleiter I have loved", and that he loved when it was just the two of them alone . Yukikaze's death took its toll on Ayanami emotionally and physically (as Ayanami said in the drama that he felt his time had stopped since Yukikaze left him and Ayanami's desire to keep the Black Hawks close to him). When Hyuuga point out that Yukikaze isn't the only one cared about Ayanami , Ayanami warned Hyuuga by pointing his sword at him.

It's unknown if Yukikaze knows that Ayanami is Verloren's reincarnation .



Although they have never been seen interacting during the series, it's probable that Hyuuga has worked with Yukikaze, considering what his words in Begleiter and the first drama. 

That fellow wasn't the only one who cares about you!

—Hyuuga, shouting at Ayanami for refusing to let go of Yukikaze in his mind.

However, despite the fact that they were once comrades, it's hinted Hyuuga holds a grudge against Yukikaze , as seen when Hyuuga open claiming Yukikaze wasn't the only one who cares about Ayanami , thus give some fans theories that Hyuuga hate Yukikaze particularly jealous of the bond he had with Ayanami . As a result of Hyuuga's statement that Yukikaze being not the only one who cares , Ayanami giving Hyuuga a warning by pointing his sword out


Considering that Katsuragi was one of the original four Black Hawks, it's likely that he knew Yukikaze somehow .

In Kapitel 89, giving Landkarte clearly showing disapproves of Verloren's coming to know love and hate after he meet Eve, he may also dislike Yukikaze, whom Ayanami loved, for the same reason.

Raggs Family[]

Krom's Father[]

Yukikaze's relationship with the previous Raggs king is unknown , but it's hinted that they had mix-feelings toward each other . It's likely that the Raggs king acknowledge Yukikaze as Krowell's servant and friend . Considering the previous Raggs king happen to be the beloved father Krowell Raggs (AKA Ayanami) , Yukikaze probably does respect the previous Raggs king to some extent

However , given that the previous Raggs king exiled Krowell to Barsburg after he became a Warsfeil and regaining his memories as Verloren , it's hinted that though Yukikaze may respect the previous Raggs king , though this respect is still limited down to a level . 

Apart from their shared connection to Krowell , no other interactions have been shown between them . 

Krom's Mother[]

Yukikaze's relationship with the previous Raggs queen is unknown . Since she is Krowell's mother , it's hinted that Yukikaze does respect the Raggs queen to some extent .

It's unknown if Yukikaze actually witness or participate in the previous Raggs queen's murdered .

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs[]

Yukikaze's relationship with Krom is unknown , but it's hinted that they had a complicated relationship . It's likely that Krom acknowledge Yukikaze as Krowell's servant and friend . Yukikaze may have some respect for Krom , who in turn is Krowell's older brother .

After the previous Raggs king exiled Krowell to Barsburg for becoming a Warsfeil and gained his memories as Verloren back, Yukikaze didn't contact Krom , and the same can be said for the latter . Krom has not commented on Yukikaze's death and Yukikaze has not commented on Krom's death despite the fact that they both died at some point during the Raggs War . 

Fea Kreuz Raggs[]

Yukikaze's relationship with Fea is unknown , but it's hinted that they known each other before . It's likely that Fea acknowledge Yukikaze as Krowell's servant and friend . Yukikaze may have some respect for Fea , since Fea is Krowell's older brother .

After the previous Raggs king exiled Krowell to Barsburg due to he becoming a Warsfeil and got his memories of Verloren back , Yukikaze did not contact Fea , and the same thing can be say for the latter . It's unknown if Yukikaze knows that Fea was Vertrag , one of the Seven Ghosts .


Yukikaze's last battle, with Ayanami, and death.

Early life[]

Yukikaze was Ayanami's servant in the kingdom of Raggs. When Ayanami faced persecution for remembering that he is Verloren, Yukikaze fled with Ayanami to Barsburg.


The Begleiter pilot chapter reveals that Ayanami had a Begleiter before he became the Chief of Staff and they were very close.

Later, that Begleiter died defending Ayanami in a battle. He took a sword attack for Ayanami, at the time reminding Ayanami, who had regained Verloren's memory when he attended Dalia Barsburg's coronation party, of Eve's and King Krom's deaths.

Differences in the manga and anime[]


In Begleiter, Hyuuga says Ayanami's Begleiter died before he (Ayanami) became the Chief of Staff.[11]

In the anime, during the Raggs War, Ayanami was already wearing the spiky epaulet on his shoulder and his uniform had the additional trim which only the field-marshal and chief of staff's uniforms have,[12] so it is probable that Ayanami was the Chief of Staff during the Raggs War, meaning Yukikaze's death should have been before the Raggs War.

However, in the manga Yukikaze died during the Raggs War.[13]


  • "I have one and only one king, which is you, Ayanami-sama." [14]


  • In Japan and China, there are speculations that Hyuuga and Yukikaze are related by blood, since if the dark-haired man in manga Kapitel 26 is really Yukikaze, he resembles Hyuuga a lot in physical appearance.
  • In Begleiter, Hyuuga once used "奴" to refer to Ayanami's dead Begleiter. It is an impolite way of referring to someone whom one considers to be of "lower standing" (e.g. younger in age, being your enemy) comparing with them. So, Yukikaze may have been younger than Hyuuga.
  • If Yukikaze had been a Warsfeil, he would not have died from wounds, therefore this could indicate that he was human.
  • Yukikaze is shown using his left hand to hold his sword. So, he may have been a left-hander, like Ayanami.[15]
  • Yukikaze is implied to have used two swords like Hyuuga instead of one, because two swords were placed on his grave.[16]
  • Yukikaze's death reminded Ayanami/Verloren of Eve's and King Krom's deaths.


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