- Winkuhobu
Winkhobs as they appear in the anime.
General information
Appearance Amphibious
Habitat District 7
Status Common in District 7
Uses Food
Anime Episode 6
Manga NA

Winkhobs are amphibious, frog-like creatures that are native to the 7th District, often found in the paddy fields where residents grow their rice.[1] They are quite common. The winkhob is first introduced when Teito goes to the Church bazaar with Mikage and arrive when Bishop Frau is taking them to be cooked. Winkhobs are apparently very tasty and are considered a delicacy within District 7. They have not been seen in the series since Teito left the Church, suggesting they are only found, or only eaten, in the 7th District.


The name "winkhob" may be a reference to their cyclopean appearance of having only one eye.


Winkhobs resemble frogs in appearance, only being much larger in size. They have rough-textured purple skin, with a very large mouth and full cheeks. The winkhob has a rather large and bulbous head in comparison to its body with four, muscular legs, and webbed feet with four toes each. The winkhob's most distinguishing feature is its large, yellow, single eye.

Resemblance to real-world faunaEdit

The winkhobs resemble frogs.


The winkhobs appear harmless and docile, also being lazy creatures that do not move around very much. They do not appear to be wary of humans, as they were very calm when Frau man-handled them, which suggests they make their home in man-made structures, such as the Church reservoir and are used to man's presence.


They are found in aquatic environments.

Farming and as foodEdit

Winkhob are eaten.


  1. Said in an omake in manga volume 1.
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