Wendi Skyrunner
ウェンディ・スカイランナー Wendi Sukairan'nā
General information
Appearance Avian
Habitat Universal
Status Common
Uses Transportation
Anime Episode 1
Manga Kapitel 1

The Wendi Skyrunner (more commonly known as the Hawkzile dragon) is a common species of dragon found in the 07-Ghost universe.


"Wendi" is an English name meaning "blessed". "Wendi" is also a variant of "Wendy", an English name that means "friend".


The Wendi Skyrunner is a similar size to a horse, covered with black fur with feathered wings, and has a streamline, long, thin body. They have bulbous throats like the Ribidzile Dragon, suggesting they may be a closely related species, or indeed the adult form.


At night, the creatures are vicious and will ferociously attack any ships that come near them, but during the day, they are docile.[1] Their choice as a means of transportation suggests they are creatures that are undisturbed by loud noises and bright lights, and unconfused by multiple, moving objects.

They are carnivorous creatures.[2]


They appear to be comfortable in both the wilderness and man-made places.


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  2. In Kapitel 34, Frau feeds his Hawkzile some of the bones from the bear they had earlier killed.
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