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- Wen
Wen and his owner, an old man, in the manga.
Aliases None
Species Old English sheepdog
Nationality Possibly District 7
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Pet
Affiliation Barsburg Church
Manga Kapitel 28 (only appearance)
Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA (manga only)

Wen is a minor character who only appears once in the manga series of 07-Ghost. An Old English sheepdog who died within the Barsburg Church of an unknown (unnatural) cause, Wen was mourned by his owner, a nameless elderly man. When Wen's owner asked for help, Castor used his powers as the Ghost Fest to tie the dog's soul to his owner's- allowing him to live by sharing his owner's life force.


Wen is a name of Chinese origin that has various possible meanings, and one of its possible meanings is 'warm'. Another possible meaning of 'wen' is 'ask'. The word 'wen' is also used to describe the glories of the rare white jade in Chinese.


Physical appearance[]

Wen is a large dog with a long, thick, shaggy, light-coloured coat. Like most Old English sheepdogs, Wen has a mop of hair covering his face and eyes.


Wen is loyal and caring.


Curses... Why did you leave... Just this old man... behind...

—The old man, mourning the loss of his dog.[1]

The old man and his dog were very close to each other, as the old man pledges his soul in return for the dog to be made well again. The old man also says that Wen had promised to guard him till he died. Wen also cares for his owner,[2] as his soul did not immediately leave the mortal world.


Little is known of Wen, although the old man's dialogue with Castor hints that dog and owner have been together for a long time. 

Manga Synopsis[]

Wen's death and revival[]

Castor using his powers as the Ghost Fest to tie their souls together.

Bishop Castor encounters the old man holding his dead dog by the Church fountain. The old man tells the Bishop that his dog's body is still warm.

Bishop-sama, that's a cruel wish that can't be granted... However.. If it really would bring him back, I don't mind giving my soul.

—The old man, bargaining with Castor.[3]

Seeing how sad the old man looks, Castor asks the old man what he would give in return, and the old man replies that he would give his soul. Castor then uses his powers as the Ghost Fest to tie the dog's soul, which still lingered behind as the body is fresh, to his owner- allowing the dog to live by sharing the life of his owner.

When the dog suddenly wakes, Castor laughs that Wen had only been sleeping. The old man and the dog thank God and then leave, unaware of what really happened because they could not see Castor's Ghostly powers at work. They have not been seen again, and their current status is unknown.


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