Warsfeil Dagger
ヴァルスファイル 九寸五分 Warusufairu tanken
A bloodied Warsfeil dagger.
Purpose Weapon
Owner(s) Low-level Warsfeil


Manga Kapitel 14
Anime Episode 15
A Warsfeil Dagger is a basic weapon used mainly by low-level Warsfeil.[1] It is unknown what purpose this dagger serves, but it is possible it is to channel the tainted mana into the victim, like a Baculus does for standard Zaiphon, as more powerful Warsfeil, such as the Black Hawks, have no need for them, though Kuroyuri has been shown using one (possibly due to his/her young age and relative inexperience).

The dagger appears as a normal dagger, with Zaiphon writing engraved onto the blade. The Imperial Guard has said that no normal human is able to hold the dagger without a seal.[2] Bastien later says that only Warsfeil should be able to hold the dagger without harm, as the dagger is protected by a Wars, and if a human were to come into contact with a Wars, their body would be devoured.


  1. In Kapitel 14 page 20, Frau says "for this brat's level of skill it's especially ill suited".
  2. In Kapitel 14 the Imperial guard says: "Bishop Frau, how can you hold that dagger unsealed".
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