The Warren family
ウォーレン家 Wo-renke
Biographical information
Nationality Barsburg
Current Head of House Possibly Konatsu's Grandfather
Political information
Position Nobility (presumably)
Home Unknown
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Warren Family is a prestigious, (presumably) noble family in the 07-Ghost universe.

The family has borne a long line of Warsfeil, with Konatsu Warren being the only exception. Despite being Warsfeil, they are able to live their lives freely, and are dedicated to serving Verloren.


Physical appearanceEdit

The Warren family have blond hair and fair skin. Their typical eye colour is unknown, although Konatsu's eyes are a golden brown. Because the Warren Family have many Warsfeil within their family, it is possible that many of them have snake-like pupils like Ayanami.


They wear hooded black cloaks (possibly to emulate Verloren).


The Warrens appear to think very highly of blood purity, as most of them disowned Konatsu Warren for not being a Warsfeil.

Family membersEdit

Family TreeEdit

Konatsu's Grandfather───┬───Unknown   
                       Konatsu Warren

Influence Edit

Seeing as the Warren family lives in good conditions as freemen and were not executed when the Emperor ordered the execution of all the Warsfeil in the country, it is likely that they are nobility and/or have some political influence, which grants them their freedom. As many, or all, of their members are Warsfeil and the largest portion of Warsfeil are found in the military, it is possible that some of them hold high-ranking positions in the military. It is also highly possible that some of them have served in the Black Hawks, where they can use their ability.

Abilities and AttributesEdit

Many, if not all, of them are Warsfeil, meaning that they are able to manipulate tainted mana. As all Warsfeil in the series have been shown to also have a Zaiphon, it is safe to assume that many of the members of the Warren Family are skilled with Zaiphon.


  • The Warrens think that Ayanami is the reincarnation of Verloren, their master, even though it appears that Ayanami has not told them about that (side story in the manga). It is unknown how they know the fact that Ayanami is Verloren's reincarnation.
  • Konatsu is a member who cannot use the power of a Warsfeil, and hence he is considered as an ill-omen and is rejected by other Warrens except Konatsu's grandfather. He thinks that Konatsu, in his previous life, has done something which offended Verloren, and that's why Konatsu is not a Warsfeil in this life (a sidestory in the manga).
  • While it is known that the Warren family is a large family, the exact number of members is unknown.
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