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ベルネ Berune
Velne as she appears in the manga.
Aliases None
Species Human (previously)


Nationality Possibly F3
Gender Female
Age In her 20s (physically)
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Mistress/owner of Velniza Castle
Servant of Verloren
Affiliation Verloren
Manga Kapitel 59 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Velne (spelling may vary by translator) is a minor antagonist who only appeared in a single chapter of the 07-Ghost manga series. She first appeared as the beautiful young human mistress of Velniza Castle. However, she was actually a Wars. Velne was eventually killed, and her soul was devoured, by Frau.


Velne is a fairly uncommon name in the Americas. [1] In Lithuanian, velnes means Satan.


Physical appearance[]

Velne first appeared as a slim and tall young woman. While her height is unknown, she was only somewhat shorter than Frau. Velne's hair was long, light-coloured, worn up and tied with a black ribbon. She had narrow, light-coloured eyes with long eyelashes.

Later, when it was revealed that she was a Wars, a pair of black wings, not unlike those of a bat, grew from her back, her eyes became black, empty holes, and cracks formed in her skin.


She wore a long, dark dress with a high collar. Notably, her clothing greatly resembles that of vampires in some popular depictions.


While appearing as a human, Velne was flirtatious and seductive, using her looks and charm to lure potential victims. As a Wars, she was vicious and murderous. She can also be considered superficial, as she bargained with a Kor and became a Wars because she wanted to preserve her beauty, and she insisted on feeding on only men she considered attractive. Like all Wars, she was greedy and had a large appetite for human souls.


Velne's history is largely unknown. At some point in her life, she bargained with a Kor, eventually becoming a Wars, and came into possession of Velniza Castle.

Manga synopsis[]

Frau and Teito Klein temporarily stayed at Velniza Castle while participating in the Hawkzile Race, after Frau's body started to freeze while they were travelling through the mountains. Several other contestants also stayed there and became infatuated with her, but she rebuffed their advances. Meanwhile, Frau took a hot bath and Teito wandered around Velniza Castle; he somehow got trapped in a coffin. When Frau left the bathroom and saw that Teito had disappeared, he sensed that something was amiss.

The scene then cut to Frau sitting in one of the rooms in Velniza Castle, where Velne found him. After flirting with her briefly, he released Verloren's Scythe and Velne realised that Frau is one of the Seven Ghosts. Frau and Velne fought, and Velne said that Frau is 'the same as her' and therefore would be compelled to consume souls, as Frau is 'also made of a part of Verloren-sama'. Frau eventually killed her and devoured her soul.


  • 'Oh my, are you coming on to me?' (said as Frau flirts with her)
  • 'My beauty is eternal!!' 
  • 'Aren't you...aren't you the same as me? No matter how much you protect and serve humanity, you can't suppress that thirst!! Because you are also made of a part of Verloren-sama!!' 


  • While the exact number of Velne's victims is unknown, it is known that the number is large enough to fill a large room. [2]
  • Castor and Labrador managed to sneak into Velniza Castle, but Velne apparently did not notice them.
  • Similar to Marie's Lover, her soul had an unpleasant taste. [3]


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  3. Frau thought to himself: 'Ah...what an unpleasant taste.' after devouring her soul.