I'm looking forward to finding out who Eve's reincarnation is, and if Teito really is her reincarnation. I've come across theories in the 07-Ghost Internet fan community that Ouka and Millea may be Eve's reincarnation, and also speculation that Eve's soul may be split between Teito and Ouka. Somehow, I doubt these three theories-Millea, while playing a relatively important role in the overall storyline, is still a minor character, and as for Ouka...the only evidence that could point to her being Eve's reincarnation is Verloren's scythe wanting to devour her as well as Teito. Someone else in the online fan community has pointed out that Eve wouldn't be happy if her soul was split in two, and that the Chief of Heaven wouldn't want to split his daughter's soul in two if it made her unhappy. I agree with whoever said that. 

I want Teito to be Eve's reincarnation...I feel that it would make the story even more interesting than it already is. He looks so similar to her, I wouldn't be surprised if he does turn out to be her reincarnation.

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