hmm.... I don't know well this is true or not but I was one of the 07-ghost anime fans get a wall post from 07-ghost Indonesia fan page on facebook that is told that the 07-ghost is allowed to be released but just wait for the time ... how do you think? for link: 07Ghost Indonesian Wall Post

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Yukino Naoki's wall post on 07-Ghost Indonesia fan page

"07-ghost season 2 was allowed to be released XD

just wait for the time course


Valeria Tantiana comment "se..serious? manga or anime? ~Karein"

Yukino Naoki reply comment "Anime ._. Ouka also appears
Lance also said quite a lot of the emergence XD"

Valeria Tantiana reply comment "se..serious? know from where? xD"

Yukino Naoki reply comment "of a page if not wrong ._."

Valeria reply comment "yay! xD -Karein"

note: sorry for bad english and sorry for the false information

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