The Chief of Heaven is acknowledged as the creator of the other gods in the series. That much we know for sure. What I would like to know is whether there is a hiearchy among all the gods.

In chapter 97, some heavenly soldiers call Eve 'Eve-sama', showing that they respect her and/or she's their superior. From this, we can infer that she is of a higher social status than the soldiers, so to speak. Then there's Mikhail, who clearly doesn't have much respect for the Seven Ghosts, but it's unclear if it's simply because of his proud personality or because he's above them in the same way Eve is above the soldiers. I also wonder why Raphael calls Mikhail 'Mikhail-sama'. Is it simply because Raphael respects Mikhail, or is it because Mikhail is Raphael's superior? 

Ayanami has said that he prays for the Chief's death. Does this mean that Verloren is powerful enough to kill the Chief, and if so, would Verloren be as highly respected as the Chief if it wasn't for the defect/bug?

I've been thinking that there may exist a 'society of the gods' in the series universe, with a strict hiearchical structure, just like many real-life societies. It could also be one of the reasons the Chief decided to execute Verloren-the Chief may have been displeased at the thought of his precious daughter, the closest thing Heaven has to a princess (that's my interpretation, anyway) being involved in any way, be it platonically or romantically, with a 'commoner', in a manner of speaking.

I hope more information will be revealed about heaven and all that goes on inside it, as the series continues.

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