Just thought I'd make a blog post about Ouka. I welcome comments and discussion.

My first impression of Ouka was more one of surprise than anything else. I honestly wasn't expecting to see a major female character in a male-dominated series with BL undertones like 07-Ghost. I mean, up until then, there were pretty much only a random trio of nuns in the anime, the onetime-disappearing Female Officer, female extras, ? the occasional female relative or female friend, a few female spirits, and unnamed women Frau flirted with.? Once I got over my surprise, I found Ouka mildly annoying, thinking that the way she was introduced into the series was bland, cliched and 'Mary-Sue'-ish. I wondered if Amemiya-sensei and Ichihara-sensei were just trying to reach out to a wider audience by making 07-Ghost seem less like a BL series.

Over time, though, I began to warm to her somewhat, and I feel sorry for what she had to go through, with the whole cloning thing. I also admire her compassion and willingness to forgive her father, after all that he had done. And yet, there's just something about her that puts me off. Not because I like BL-I do, but I don't dislike Ouka because she's getting in the way of Frau/Teito, Hakuren/Teito etc. I dislike her because I feel that she's too similar to Teito-wields the Eye of Raphael to Teito's Eye of Mikhail, also has a Fyulong dragon, and is also the heir to the throne of her kingdom; and also because I feel that she's a bit too perfect. To be honest, I also feel this way about Teito. Almost everyone automatically loves and wants to protect Teito and Ouka, they're blessed with the powers of archangels, have flawlessly beautiful souls etc. Couldn't Amemiya-sensei and Ichihara-sensei have made them a little less unbelievably perfect?

Rant over. I'm just expressing my personal opinion; I hope I haven't offended anyone. O:) Feel free to tell me what you think.

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