Beware that this blog post contains spoilers for those of you who have not already read either the wiki's page on Kapitel 97 or snippets of the raw version on the Brownie Post II.

As some fans would know by now, Kapitel 97 revealed that the Chief of Heaven was planning to execute Verloren, presumably because, for some reason, the Chief couldn't remove the 'defect' from Verloren. I find this suspicious. If the Chief is essentially God (of the series universe) and the creator of the other gods, shouldn't he be powerful enough to destroy or remove whatever 'defect' there may be in a creation of his? Okay, so the gods of 07-Ghost are flawed. I get that. But still. No matter how flawed they are, how could one of the gods possibly be unable to 'cure' his own creation? Which brings me to my next point.

Could the Chief of Heaven be the the real villain after all? Could he be using Verloren as his scapegoat?

I don't doubt that there are good qualities in the Chief's character e.g. his fatherly love for Eve is genuine. However, at the same time, I can't help but wonder if the Chief is truly the benevolent deity the Barsburg Church and many of the protagonists in the series say he is. His own Heavenly guards, the guards of Verloren's prison, were the ones who shot and injured Eve in the first place (though admittedly, Verloren's 'defect' delivered the fatal final blow), yet the Chief blamed only Verloren and not the guards? That seems a little too convenient to me.

Then again, God knows (no pun intended) I've been wrong about 07-Ghost before, so the Chief may very well turn out to be truly a good guy after all. I just hope we will eventually get to learn more about the Chief's character, and maybe this unease I feel about him will then go away.

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