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Tsubaki Raggs
ツバキ ラグス Tsubaki Ragusu

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PreussenGilberts OC2

Aliases Silver 銀 (new identity)
Species Warsfeil
Nationality Raggs (District 1)
Gender Female
Age 28
Birthday August 13th, Leo
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Vertrag (ancestor)
Krom's Father (father)
Krom's Mother (mother)
Weldeschtein Krom Raggs (older brother)
Fea Kreuz Raggs (older brother)
Ayanami (older brother)
Hyuuga (lover)
Teito Klein/Wahrheit Teito Klein (nephew)
Millea Klein (sister-in-law)
Vanessa Antwort (sister-in-law)
King Antwort (sister-in-law's father/brother's father-in-law)
Vanessa's Mother (sister-in-law's mother/brother's mother-in-law)
Other members of the Raggs Family and Antwort Family
Professional status
Occupation Princess of Raggs (formerly)
Major (sometimes translated to Lieutenant commander)
Affiliation Raggs Family (formerly)
The Black Hawks
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

Silver, born Tsubaki Raggs is the former princess of the Raggs Kingdom and now serve as a spy for The Black Hawks.

She is Ayanami's little sister and his subordinate. She is alsoa very powerful Warsfeil who fought during the Raggs War and the Antwort War.

Silver is the reincarnation of Verloren's little sister, Kitsune. She has the ability to see souls and please and relax them by different methods, such as singing or giving a massage.

Silver was the one who gave Hyuuga his black sunglasses when they started dating. Hyuuga gave Silver her violet ribbon and her violet collar. (she has actually given him more then one sunglass since he sometimes breaks them)

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Silver is a youthful-looking woman who is 28 years old and 180 cm tall. Silver weighs 55 kg and has a slender build with huge breasts. 

She has sharp facial features with a pointy nose, narrowed eyes and full lips. Out of all the Black Hawks, Silver and Ayanami has the palest skin tone, almost white when compared to others. Her hair is longer then down to her bottom, straight and colored white.

Her eye color is violet. Her pupils are slitted pupils like that of a snake. She also has fangs.

Clothing Edit

She is seen in both her Black Hawks uniform and the clothes she wears otherwise.

She always wears a violet collar and a violet bow that she got from Hyuuga.

Black Hawk Uniform Edit

Silver wears a Black Hawk uniform: a black, or dark blue, ankle length overcoat with silver trimmings and sleeve cuffs. She wears black trousers one leg has the length of shorts while the other leg is in ankle length, she also wears knee-length, black, boots. She has two silver belts around her waist where she always carries one katana on her right side hip, it bears black hilts with violet tassels, but she doesn't use it often she mostly battles with hand-to-hand combat.

Casual Edit

She wears a black shirt with violet trimmings that visually shows a lot of her breasts. She also wears a violet skirt with black stripes on it, she also has two black belts around her waist. Silver also wears knee-length, black, boots.

Kitsune Edit

As Kitsune, Silver wore a black cloak with a hood, and always wore the hood down.

Personality Edit

She likes to eat alot.

She values loyalty and has trust issues. Since she has trust issues she is not used to compassion or love, the only time she can understand is when she shows it to Hyuuga or when he shows it to her.

As a child she was very serious but as she grew older she lightened up a bit, especially since she became "free". She can easier be described as a fox, since she likes to tease and trick other people, and gets amused by it.

She loves blood and can be seen as a sadist during battle.

Due to her Water, Snow and Ice powers she has a warm body and likes to cling to Hyuuga. One the other hand she has it easy to get a fever.

Abilities & Attributes Edit

Silver's status as a Warsfeil grants her the ability to harness the power of a Zaiphon, though she is very rarely seen using it, as well as the ability to control a Wars (Which she never used), though she may have lost this ability by now and use black magic which she is still able to use . Due to Silver being a Warsfeil, she is able to survive and recover from injuries that would kill or permanently cripple normal humans, such as being crushed by the land falling, and has also been shown to recover from falling great heights. She is also a great strategist.

Healing Edit

Since she is a Warsfeil she has a healing factor, but Silver has the best comparing to the other Warsfeil's.

Good enough to heal her virginity.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Edit

She likes to fight with her hands but mostly her feet, she is very fast and agile, having a reaction time of 0.3 of a second.

She is also really strong, mush more then what you could expect from her.

She has a excellent swordsmanship but rarely uses it.

Water, Snow & Ice Edit

Silver is able to manipulate water, snow and ice and can even create it from nothing.

Due to her Water, Snow and Ice powers she has a warm body and likes to cling to mostly Hyuuga and sometimes Ayanami. One the other hand she has it easy to get a fever.

Reincarnation Edit

Since Silver is the reincarnation of Kitsune, Verloren's importants little sister she also has an ability. She is able to see souls and please and relax them by different methods, such as singing or giving a massage.

History Edit

Long before the story she was known as Kitsune, Verloren's importants little sister. Chief of Heaven was also quite fond of her.

Childhood Edit

Early childhood Edit

Silver (born as Tsubaki Raggs) was born on August 13th as the youngest child born to Teito's paternal grandparents, the King and Queen of the Raggs kingdom, making him the younger sister of Weldeschtein Krom RaggsFea Kreuz Raggs and Ayanami (born as Krowell Raggs). She was born as a Warsfeil but her family prtected her and never mentioned it to anyone.

Millea Klein told Teito that Silver and Krowell was deeply loved by their family, but died due to unknown causes during childhood. However, in Kapitel 98, it is revealed that at the age of eight, Silver (or Tsubaki, as she was known at the time) together with Ayanami (or Krowell, as he was known at the time) attended Dalia Barsburg's coronation ceremony. When Dalia unsealed the Eye of Raphael, Krowell gained the memories of Verloren and became a Warsfeil, while Silver never regained her memory as Verloren's little Sister Kitsune she did expose her for being a Warsfeil. Krowell then killed his mother. Unable to bear the scandal but also unwilling to kill his own son, the King fabricated Silver's and Krowell's execution and exiled them to Barsburg with an aide named Yukikaze. In Barsburg, Krowell and Tsubaki changed their names to Ayanami but Tsubaki went nameless until she met Hyuuga in Barsburg and they started dating, he gave her the name Silver.

In Barsburg Edit

Little is known about Silver's past in Barsburg. It is possible that during this stage of her life, both she and Ayanami acquired various animals, including two black panthers, and began keeping them as pets.

Schooling Edit

The pilot chapter Begleiter, created before the series was published, reveals that Ayanami has attended Barsburg Military Academy and Hyuuga was one of his classmates. This is how later Hyuuga and Silver met since they were introduced by Ayanami. At some point Silver and Hyuuga fell in love and started dating he was the one who gave Silver her new name.

Raggs War Edit

Silver fought on the side of Barsburg during the Raggs War. She also held the rank of Vice-Major-General while Ayanami held the rank of Major-General.

During the war, she and Hyuuga pursues the fleeing Kreuz and Teito as they escaped Raggs, although they does this on their own instead of with the group of footsoldiers also following them. They confronted Mark, one of the three finest fighters in the Raggs Kingdom, who had already killed nearly all of the pursuing footsoldiers. As the remaining soldiers prepare to flee, Hyuuga and Silver reaches them and cuts them down because they stood in their way.

Hyugga dueling Mark Edit

Silver is watching their fight. After the ground below them collapse and swallows them. Hyuuga and Silver emerges, unharmed, and continues to pursue Kreuz, Teito and the two remaining guards.

Hyugga dueling Karan Edit

Having lost his sunglasses in the fight, Hyuuga gets another pair from Silver. As soon as he does so, Karan launches a surprise attack from behind of them, but Hyuuga easily blocks the attack.

Silver watches the fight.

Hyuuga muses that Teito and Kreuz must be close if they is being so fiercely attacked. Hyuuga comments on Karan's technique and opts to try it himself. His attack, with Hyuuga whistling as he does so, sends a wave across the forest, destroying everything in its path until it is stopped by Agas, the remaining bodyguard. However, this alerts Hyuuga and Silver to their location.

Interruption by the Eye of Raphael Edit

Before Siver and Hyuuga can continue, the Eye of Raphael fires. Hyuuga and Silver somehow survives the attack that destroyed 1/8 of the continent, and continues to pursue Kreuz and Teito until Landkarte teleported them elsewhere.

Post Raggs-War Edit

After the Raggs War the dynamic of the Black Hawks had changed, with the team losing two members (Yukikaze and the fake Katsuragi's former identity), and gaining two new members ("Katsuragi" and Kuroyuri).

Silver was present at Yukikaze's funeral and burial.

Meeting Haruse Edit

Silver and Hyuuga approaches Haruse one day, and introduces theme self as friends of Kuroyuri's. Hyuuga proposed the idea of Haruse becoming Kuroyuri's begleiter.

Hyuuga, reasoning that if Haruse died in battle Kuroyuri would be sad, so while Silver was watching there conversation Hyuuga challenged Haruse to a duel so he could see if Haruse was able to defend his life. Hyuuga drew his sword, but an angry Kuroyuri appeared before he could strike and kicked him off the balcony where they stood.

When Haruse became Kuroyuri's begleiter and a fully fledged member of the Black Hawks, Hyuuga was seen again, being forced to eat Kuroyuri's 'tuna chocolate', while Silver gave him comfort.

Silver's Disappearance Edit

When Silver was 26 years old she ran away from Ayanami, Hyuuga, The Black Hawks and her duties. The day she disappeared on was February 13th.

She went and stayed at Barsburg Church. Ayanami and Hyuuga has tried to find her but was never able to.

Barsburg Church Arc Edit

An assassination attempt, and the escape Edit

Teito's unconscious body is found by three Bishops and Silver from the neighbouring District, and he is taken to the Barsburg Church.

She is seen from time to times, and when there are a meeting with a Kor she stays in the background and watches, this also happened when Mikage shows that he is now a one-winged Kor under Ayanami's control.

The Bishop's Apprentice Exam Arc Edit

The Seven Ghosts Edit

She is seen with Castor when he want to erase Teito's memories and when Mikhail shows himself.

She is later seen watching over Teito Klein's training. Other wise she is seen with either Labrador or Castor.

The Wars Attacks Edit

She is mostly seen with either Frau, Labrador or Castor.

Frau's arrest Edit

She is mostly seen with either Frau, Labrador or Castor.

The revel Edit

She is seen with Labrador

The Infiltration by the Black Hawks Edit

Silver was interfered by Ayanami using his mind so Silver past out. She was teleported to where Kuroyuri and Haruse were together with Teito and Hakuren. While they are flying, Hakuren wakes up and blows the Hawkzile apart with his Zaiphon, and he and the incapacitated Teito are rescued by Frau as they fall from the vehicle. Silver is still past out while Teito wakes up from having holy water pour on him by Frau. Teito wishes to kill Ayanami, and as their transport flies towards the Ribidzile where Ayanami is, Hyuuga destroys their Hawkzile. Frau takes the unconscious Silver and hijacks another Hawkzile as he falls.

Frau who has Silver on his Hawkzile is confronted by Hyuuga, who mocks him and laughs. Frau is angered by the comment and the two clash weapons as they fight to recover the Eye. During their clash Hyuuga reaches out and takes Silver from Frau's Hawkzile to his own Hawkzile.

As Teito and the Eye of Mikhail fall from their Hawkzile, it becomes apparent that both of them cannot be saved. Frau chooses to grab Teito Klein, allowing Hyuuga to take the Eye of Mikhail and escape, where he rides back to the Ribidzile along with Silver and delivers the eye to Ayanami. After an intervention by LabradorThe Black Hawks continue on their journey to Antwort.

Silver later wakes up and tells Hyuuga that she loves him and that she has missed him, she also wishes to stay by his side. Hyuuga happily agrees.

The Bishop's Apprentice Exam Arc (Anime Continuation from ep. 21 - 25) Edit

Part 1 of the Bishop's Apprentice Exam Edit

She is seen standing next to Ayanami when he is sitting in his chair (She also has her new Black Hawks Uniform now) in Episode 21.

Part 2 of the Bishop's Apprentice Exam Edit

She is standing in between Ayanami and Hyuuga in Episode 22.

Escape from the Church Edit

In Episode 24 she appear by Hyuuga's side. When Labrador sees Silver he ask her if she have found what she had lost and she answers back that she has found it. Silver also apologizes to Labrador that they can never drink a cup of tea again, even thought she enjoyed their time together. She only watches the fight between Hyuuga & Konatsu vs. Labrador & Castor.

Later when they all get teleported in Episode 25 she stands between Ayanami and Hyuuga.

As well when The Black Hawks are seen on the Ribidzile she is stands next to Hyuuga.

Antwort War Arc Edit

Relationships Edit

Hyuuga Edit

Silver's Lover, she loves him more then anything. He is also very over-protective over her.

Ayanami Edit

Silver's older brother. He has some affection for her since he didn't kill her while he killed the rest of their family. He doesn't like to show it but he is over-protective over her.

Ayanami's Black Panthers Edit

Even thought they are her brothers she has a very good relationship, they only like Silver except for their master Ayanami.

Verloren Edit

They had a good sibling relationship. Which is the reason why he doesn't kill Silver like he did with the other of the Seven Ghosts.

Chief of Heaven Edit

He was quite fond of Kitsune, the person Silver is reincarnated from.

Good enough to make her selfish wish come true. To always stay Hyuuga's lover.

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