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Ugur's Wife
Name unknown Name unknown
Rsz e15.jpg
Ugur's wife in the manga.
Aliases Mrs Ugur
This man's woman [1]
Species Human
Nationality District 4
Gender Female
Age Probably between 30 and 50
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Ugur (husband)
Rena (niece by marriage)
Rena's Mother, Lyon, Sada (siblings-in-law)
Unnamed mother-in-law
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Ugur
Almarz Residence (through marriage)
Almarz Family (through marriage)
Manga Kapitel 57 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Ugur's wife is an unnamed minor antagonist who only appeared in manga chapter 57. She is the wife of the nobleman Ugur, making her Rena's maternal aunt by marriage.


Physical appearance[]

Her height and weight are unknown, but she is of average height with a slender build. She has short, straight, light-coloured (possibly blonde[2]) hair with a full fringe that is parted on the left, large, light-coloured eyes, a large mouth, and a round face. Being a member of nobility, it is likely that she has pale skin. She wears lipstick.


Being a noblewoman, she wears modest and somewhat formal clothing.


Though only seen briefly, she displayed a hot-tempered and careless personality, shouting at her husband while many people were watching and blurting out that she had murdered her sister-in-law. She shares Ugur's greedy ambition and viciousness, both of them being willing to use extreme means to achieve their goals.



She clearly does not have a good relationship with her husband. Although they worked together at first, he tried to blame her for all the crimes they collectively committed, claiming that it was all her doing. In retaliation, she insulted him and did not hesitate to quarrel with him in front of the Imperial Guard and their relatives.

Ugur's sister[]

She apparently does not care at all for her sister-in-law, and murdered her.


Details of their relationship have not been shown, though considering that Mrs Ugur murdered Rena's mother, Mrs Ugur and Rena probably dislike each other.


Ugur's wife's history is largely unknown. At some point in her life, she married Ugur. Their marriage may have been an arranged one, as many marriages among the higher social classes are. They do not have any children.

Ugur's wife planned to help her husband gain ownership of the Almarz Residence, and one day, slipped a lethal poison into her sister-in-law's drink, in hopes of achieving this goal. Whether she knew about her husband's possession by a Kor is unknown, but she likely would not have cared even if she had known.

Manga synopsis[]

She conspired with her husband in his plans to bring about his sister's death. In Kapitel 57, while arguing with him, she accidentally revealed that she had poisoned Ugur's sister. She, her husband and the servant Nyx were arrested by the Imperial Guard and taken away from the Almarz Residence. She has not been seen again since, and her current status is unknown.


  1. The Kor controlling Ugur refers to her as such.
  2. Many nobles in the series are blonde