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ウウル Uuru
Ugur in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human


Nationality District 4
Gender Male
Age Probably between 30 and 50
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Rena (niece)
Rena's Mother, Lyon, Sada (siblings)
Unnamed mother
Professional status
Occupation Owner of a manor
Affiliation Verloren (as a Kor)
Almarz Residence (formerly)
Almarz Family
Manga Kapitel 55
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Ugur is a minor antagonist in the 07-Ghost series. He is one ofRena's uncles.


'Ugur' is a common masculine Turkish given name, meaning 'luck' and/or 'auspiciousness'.


Physical appearance[]

Ugur appears as a rather nondescript middle-aged man with short hair, a thin build and an average height. Being a noble, it is likely that he has pale skin.


He wore a long coat over a collared shirt and long pants.


Ugur is greedy and ambitious, to the extent that he wanted his sister to die so that he could take her land for himself, despite the fact that he is already wealthy. He also shows an irresponsible side, trying to blame his wife for his misdeeds.



His sister and wife[]

Ugur apparently does not care for his sister and wife. He tried to have his sister killed so he could claim her property, and tried to pin the blame on his wife for his misdeeds.


Rena addressed Ugur as 'ojisama' (lit. 'honourable uncle-sama') even after his crimes were uncovered, showing that she respects him despite what he had done. Ugur does not seem to feel as much animosity towards her as he does towards his sister, Rena's mother.



Nyx is loyal and respectful towards Ugur, referring to him as 'Ugur-sama' and believing in his promise that if Nyx kills Rena's mother, he (Nyx) will receive one-fifth of the inheritance money.


Early childhood[]

Little is known about Ugur's early years. He was born a member of nobility and presumably grew up alongside his sister and their other siblings.


At some point in his adult life, Ugur married an unnamed woman. There is a chance that the marriage was arranged, as marriages among the higher social classes of the 07-Ghost world tend to be. He and his wife do not have any children.

Manga synopsis[]

He wished for his sister's death so that he could take her land for himself, and bargained with a Kor to fulfill his wish. After being possessed by the Kor, he gained the ability to reverse time, but only within the Almarz Residence's grounds. In the end, he, his wife and Nyx were arrested by the Imperial Guard and taken away from the Almarz Residence. He has not been seen again since.


  • 'Can you really live on while holding on to that human form, Zehel?!' (said to Frau while possessed by a Kor)