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Two Brothers
Names unknown Names unknown
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Aliases Garbage (by Ayanami)
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased (killed by Kuroyuri and Hyuuga)
Relatives Unknown family
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Unknown family
Manga NA (drama CD only)
Anime NA (drama CD only)
Japanese Unknown

The Two Brothers are nameless, minor characters who only appeared in the drama CD The Love Letter Which God Receives. They attacked The Black Hawks in an attempt to avenge their family (who had been killed by Ayanami), but were ultimately defeated and killed by Kuroyuri and Hyuuga.


Little is known about their personalities, though they can be considered reckless and vengeful, as they tried to kill Ayanami despite his status as a powerful Warsfeil, for the sake of avenging their family.


Unnamed family[]

They clearly care for their family, as they were willing to risk their lives to try to kill Ayanami, a highly skilled and dangerous Warsfeil, in order to avenge their family.


At some point in time (probably during one of the many wars Barsburg waged on other countries), the rest of the brothers' family was killed by Ayanami.

Drama CD synopsis[]

The two unnamed brothers sneaked into the hot springs where the Black Hawks, who had gone there to attend an international peace conference, were bathing. Ayanami noticed their presence and alerted the Black Hawks. One of the brothers called Kuroyuri 'a little girl', causing him/her to become indignant and retort that he/she is not a little girl. Kuroyuri then kills him, and Hyuuga kills the remaining brother by sending him down some nearby cliffs.


The two brothers demonstrated some skill at infiltration, though Ayanami was quick to discover them.


  • The fact that Ayanami killed their family could indicate that they are Raggs citizens, though this is debatable as Raggs is not the only country that Barsburg has waged war on.