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A Troll as shown in the anime.
General information
Appearance Humanoid
Habitat Unknown
Status Common
Uses Manual labour
Anime Episode 1
Manga Kapitel 1

Trolls are huge, lumbering, human-like creatures. They appear to be treated with contempt similar to Warsfeil as they were seen being used to fight like battle sklaves.

Trolls are quite capable of human speech, but unlike the other humanoid creatures in the 07 Ghost universe do not possess any special powers other than strength.


The English word "troll" derives from Proto-Germanic "truzlan", from "truzlanan". It means "ugly dwarf" or "giant". The creature "troll" is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In origin, troll may have been a negative synonym for a jötunn (another Scandinavian creature).[1]


The Trolls in the 07 Ghost series tower over most characters, possibly being over 7 foot in height, having very muscular upper-bodies but appear rather gawky as a result of their long limbs. Their skin is a greyish colour, their features sharp and pointed, their noses large, and their ears are pointed and elven. Trolls have no eyebrows, instead having bony ridges, and have red eyes. They also appear to have fangs.

Troll are commonly seen wearing a one-piece vest/short-like combination, commonly in the colour black. The trolls are always seen bald, though it is unknown if they do not grow hair or their heads are simply shaved as part of their uniform.


The personalities of Trolls vary greatly. The first Troll introduced was shown to be very aggressive, but when several more were shown, they appeared more laid back in nature.


Their natural habitat is unknown. A few of them were seen in District 6.

Abilities and AttributesEdit

Due to their massive size, Trolls have exceptional strength and have been shown to cause extreme damage their surroundings, shattering the ground with their punches and leaving large holes in the earth. Although they have never been shown to kill anybody, students at military school gossip that cadets have died during the final exams (the exam being to kill a Troll), suggesting that they are more than capable of doing so.

Trolls have also been shown to be swift and agile, despite their large size and clumsy appearance, as one demonstrated acrobatic skill in the first episode.

Intelligence: Trolls were shown to be very intelligent, being capable of human speech and possessing knowledge of right and wrong.[2]


  2. In Kapitel 1 and Episode 1, the Troll shown was a criminal and was aware of his crimes being wrong.
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