The Raphael Project was a series of brainwashing and cloning experiments performed on the Eye of Raphael and its wielders, resulting in the wielders of the Eye of Raphael tending to be cursed with short lifespans. Dalia Barsburg and Ouka's original body died young as a result of the experiments. In Kapitel 85, Ouka, while possessed by the Eye of Raphael, killed Nanase, and freed the other clones from their pain and suffering by destroying them, thus bringing an end to the Raphael Project.

The Raphael Project was a series of experiments on the Eye of Raphael (pictured).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It seems that one of the scientists involved with the Raphael Project had doubts about it all along, as he said 'As I thought...to do something against God...there's no way it would work...'.
  • Apart from Ouka, 46 other clones were made.
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