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The land of Seele is the land of the souls. Even a criminal guilty of a great crime, no matter how contaminated the soul, if you struggle along there the body is extinguished and the soul purified; a holy land promised to have an audience with God.

Seilan, explaining what the land of Seele is.[1]

The Land of Seele
ゼーレ Zeere
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Physical information
Location Beyond the gates of Hell
Language Language of the Gods
Currency None
Government Theocracy
Ruler Chief of Heaven
Manga Kapitel 68 (mentioned only)
Anime NA
Location on map
The Land of Seele, also known as simply Seele, is the edge of the world. It is listed in the map as a frontier region.[2] The Land of Seele can only be accessed with the help of the seven 'cursed tickets' (呪いの切符) obtained from each of the Seven God Houses.[3] The traveller of Seele exists to judge the God Houses.[4]

According to Zehel (Guido, not Frau) in Kapitel 68, on the surface, the Land of Seele is said to be a holy land where, if one enters, his body ceases to exist and his soul will be purified no matter what terrible crimes he has committed or how corrupt he is. There, the Chief of Heaven will grant someone a single wish.

Nonetheless, the truth is that it is a forbidden land which is found only after one passes through the gates of hell. It is a system designed by the Chief of Heaven to eliminate Verloren. So it is Verloren's execution ground, and he was imprisoned in a crusade known as Schedel's crusade.

One cannot take anything, apart from oneself, when one enters the Land of Seele. Thus, in the past, the Seven Ghosts have all failed to take Pandora's Box with them into the Land of Seele.


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