The Cuvere
クヴエル Kuveru
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Physical information
Location District 7
Language Language of the Gods
Currency None
Government Theocracy
Ruler Seven Ghosts and whomever the current Pope is
Manga Kapitel 44
Anime NA
Location on map

The Cuvere is a place built by The First Generation of the Seven Ghosts, where Ghost vessels record their memories for future reference. Only the Seven Ghosts and the Pope can enter the Cuvere. Before reincarnations of the Seven Ghosts enter the Cuvere, they must present their scythes as an authentication code.[1] While inside, they are allowed to look at the records, but are not allowed to change anything.

When an object is brought close to one of the walls of the Cuvere, it will be eaten by the wall. [2]Castor once commented that the Cuvere, being the place where The Founders (the first generation of Seven Ghosts) sleep, never fails to unnerve him.


The seven 'sleeping' Death Gods

Later in the series, it was revealed that when Ayanami attacked Teito and Frau during the Hawkzile Race, a jacket made of fibres from the holy Cuvere tree that Frau had been wearing protected him. It is presumed that the mentioned holy Cuvere tree has a connection to the Cuvere itself. Therefore, the Cuvere can also be assumed to fulfill a protective function for the Ghosts.What happened to the Cuvere after the Ghosts lost their powers has not been revealed.


  1. In Kapitel 44, Castor, Labrador and Lance present their scythes before entering the Cuvere.
  2. In Kapitel 44, Castor stands close to a Cuvere wall while carrying a lamp, and the lamp is eaten by the wall.
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