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Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs
ヴァールハイト・ティアシェ・ラグス Varuhaito Tiashe Ragusu
Teito Klein as he appears in the anime.
Aliases Teito Klein (Teito Kurain テイト・クライン)

Master [1] (by Mikhail)
Damn brat (by Frau)
Traveller of Seele
2741 (as a slave)

Species Human
Nationality Raggs
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday December 1st [2]
Height 156 cm[3]
Weight 43 kg[4]
Personal status
Status Deceased (reincarnated)[5]
Relatives Barsburg Family, Klein Family, Antwort Family and Raggs Family
Professional status
Occupation Former slave, apprentice bishop and begleiter
Host of the Eye of Mikhail
Affiliation Raggs
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Saiga Mitsuki

Teito Klein, born Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs, is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series 07-Ghost.

He is first introduced as an amnesiac and a former battle slave who was captured by the Barsburg Empire and was considered to be the military academy's star pupil. It is later revealed that he is a prince of Raggs. Teito is also related to the Antwort Family through his father's union with Vanessa Antwort. Through his mother and maternal grandparents, he can claim descent from the Barsburg Family as well. 

Barsburg Church[]

Due to Teito's past experiences with people, he was slow to open up to those of the Church, despite their kindness and warm welcome. After witnessing the acts of the Bishops and observing the morals that those in the Church live by, he gradually began to trust them. Teito's feelings towards the people of the Church has had its problems, as he was quick to assume that the Church had been using him like the military had done when he overheard Castor and Labrador speaking about the Eye of Mikhail. After Frau spoke to him, Teito chose to believe and trust them.

Being the vessel of the Eye of Mikhail and Pandora's Box, Teito is under the direct protection of the Church.


Frau...always appears to be a failure at being a bishop...but why is he so concerned...about someone like me...?

—Teito talking about Frau in Kapitel 4 page 15

Frau rescued Teito when he fell from his hawkzile, and took him back to the church. Despite the favour, they did not get along very well, and their first meeting (where Teito was awake) involved Teito attacking Frau twice. Teito distrusted Frau, and behaved aggressively towards him, partly brought on by Frau's intimidating appearance, loudness and perversion, but also due to his own experiences with people. Teito also did not have much respect for Frau as a Bishop, as he saw the magazines and how he behaved around women. His initial feelings for Frau were expanded on in the anime, where his distrust was more obvious and Teito saw Frau as an obstacle to his journey to save Mikage.[6] Teito's annoyance with Frau was used by Castor to encourage Teito to train harder, in the form of Castor's Frau dolls.

If I erase his memory of Zehel, Mikage's last smile will be lost forever. Do you want me to steal all that's precious to him?

—Frau justifying his not erasing Teito's memory in Kapitel 8 page 18

Frau comforting Teito.

After the death of Mikage, Teito grows much closer to Frau. This could be because he had broken down in front of Frau so was not as worried about showing weakness to him, or because he trusted Frau as a result of him bringing him Mikage's reincarnation. Frau stopped Castor from erasing Teito's memory of seeing him as Zehel, because by doing so, Castor would also be wiping out Mikage's last smile. Teito later extended the favour, helping Frau through Bastien's death and encouraging him to mourn properly. Teito's new-found trust was shown when he was reluctant to kill Bastien because he was important to Frau, despite Bastien trying to devour him.

Frau's imprisonment showed Teito's change in attitude. Despite earlier distrusting Frau, Teito not once doubted Frau's innocence, despite seeing him at the scene of the crime. Teito feels responsible for Frau,[7] and he took it upon himself to free him from his cell in the Light dungeon, almost drowning in the process, and appeared distraught that he was unable to do anything. Despite Frau's warnings, Teito went out of his way to prove his innocence, and was willing to break Church rules to do this.

It is worth noting that Frau tends to become more emotional and expressive around Teito, and when it comes to matters involving Teito. After Teito was kidnapped by Ayanami, Frau was visibly annoyed at Castor and Labrador for not rescuing Teito despite them already having found out what had happened to Teito, and was determined to rescue Teito despite being exhausted and weakened. Frau more readily expresses his feelings to Teito than to any other character in the series.

I only want to protect him. Why do I feel like I must protect him?

—Teito, dwelling on his outlook on Frau.

Due to a blood contract with the promise collar, Frau is Teito's "master," meaning Teito cannot be apart from Frau for more than 48 hours, or else the collar will explode and kill Teito. This collar gives Frau the ability to use three commands on Teito: bind, sleep and pain. However, Frau has never used the 'pain' function.  

Frau can be seen as quite possessive of Teito; on more than one occasion, he tells Teito not to leave him, and reacts with fear and anger whenever Teito wanders away. He once even went as far as to chain Teito's ankle to a bed and claimed this was for Teito's own safety. He also often watches Teito while the latter is sleeping. Despite this, he clearly does not intend to harm Teito and his more aggressive actions may be attributed to the influence of Verloren's Scythe.  

Frau also protects Teito physically, and whenever Teito is being targeted by Kors, Frau is always the first to come to his rescue. He worries about Teito's safety, shown he repeatedly tells Teito not to go off by himself and becomes angry at Teito when the latter disobeys him, his anger stemming from fear for Teito. Frau is not above killing, or expressing a desire to kill, anyone who tries to harm Teito, especially Ayanami. In a humorous scene in the manga, Frau's imagination ran wild and he visualized Ayanami as a snake about to devour an innocent frog, Teito.

Teito and Frau form a strong bond of mutual affection and respect, protecting and deeply caring for each other, and Frau becomes the most important person to Teito. Their relationship could best be described as older brother/younger brother. Frau is also somewhat parental towards Teito and once humourously became Teito's "mother" in the side chapter Supreme Sugar 03. However, despite Teito caring for Frau the most, they will still argue and fight with each other, as Teito dislikes Frau's penchant for flirting and refers to Frau as a "perverted priest," and Frau expresses annoyance with Teito whenever Teito disobeys him. Frau thinks of Teito as his "light" and implored the boy to stay with him. In response, Teito constantly reassured Frau and maintained a strong bond of mutual respect and affection with his bishop. They travelled everywhere together and Frau made sure to keep Teito close at all times. 

It is shown that Teito doesn't want to be a burden to Frau. Frau is revealed to be a precious person of Teito's, as an apparition of Frau materializes deep within a brain-washed Teito's psyche to stop him from opening Pandora's Box. According to Dr. Nanase, only "something important or hateful in the heart" can appear within a person's psyche (chapter 79).

In chapter 92, it's revealed that Teito met a teen-aged Frau as a young child during the Raggs war.


We should just watch over him from a distance...

—Castor about protecting Teito in Kapitel 8 page 22

Castor helping Teito train.

When Teito first arrived at the Church , Castor was the one who comforted him the most; telling him they would not hurt him and he didn't have to tell them his name if he didn't want to. From their first meeting, and although they do not spend a great amount of time with each other, Teito quickly began to consider Castor the voice of reason and asked him whenever he needed to know something.[8]

Castor has remained Teito's main source of knowledge for the rest of the series. This was especially obvious during the Bishop's apprentice exam, where Castor was responsible for Teito's coaching. Teito also thought enough of Castor to uphold his wish of the Kor remaining a secret, and didn't once question his motives for wanting it to be so.

Castor was protective of Teito, punished Frau whenever he (Frau) appeared to be picking on or making fun of Teito. Castor also had his nun dolls watch Teito for him, to maintain Teito's safety, and gave Teito late-night lessons on mastering how to use a Baculus to channel Zaiphon, by means of physically training Teito with dolls that looked like Frau. He also tested Teito for the theory part of the exam. 

Early on in the series, Teito appears to have held the most respect for Castor of the three main bishops, as when deciding to leave the Church, it was Castor whom Teito approached to thank, and told him he was leaving.  

Yeah, that's how Castor-san is.

—Teito, after Hakuren comments on Castor helping them train.

Throughout the series, Teito has allowed Castor to influence him in some of his biggest decisions, and Castor was the one who convinced Teito to take the examination to enter the priesthood exam. Teito trusts Castor enough to know what is best for him, despite not always agreeing with his methods.[9] Castor personally thanked Teito for freeing Lady Hausen's soul.

Later in the series, along with Frau and Labrador, he infiltrated the Hohburg Fortress in an attempt to rescue Teito. Before his death as a human, Castor served Teito's paternal biological family, the Raggs royalty, as an assassin, and once prevented an assassination attempt on Teito's father.


Labrador and Teito do not interact much but have a good relationship , and Teito is respectful towards Labrador . His first conversation with Labrador was when the latter gave him the Flower of Protection, saying it will help keep him safe. Despite knowing nothing of Labrador and the flower , Teito still believed him and offered to give the flower to Mikage.

When Teito broke down at Mikage's death, Teito felt comfortable enough around Labrador to reveal his feelings, despite normally keeping them to himself. When Labrador comforted him, telling him Mikage's feelings, and encouraging him to move on, Teito took his words to heart. Teito has been shown to respect Labrador, calling him "Labrador-san".[10]

Later in the series, along with Frau and Castor, Labrador defended Teito during the Hawkzile Race and, after Teito was captured, sneaked into Hohburg Fortress in an attempt to rescue Teito. When Teito uncovered the sin of the Krat House of God, Labrador as Profe personally thanked him. Labrador was one of the people who witnessed Teito depart for Seele.


Teito and Lance did not interact much throughout the series. Lance oversaw the Bishop's Apprentice Exam in which Teito and Hakuren took part, and as a bishop as well as one of the Seven Ghosts, Lance did his part to defend the Barsburg Church when the military invaded in an attempt to find the wielder of the Eye of Mikhail, and prevent them from recapturing Teito. The first time Teito and Lance met, Teito accidentally stepped on Lance's clergy pass, causing Lance to become annoyed with him, but Lance's annoyance seemed to abate after a while.

However, their feelings towards each others continue to be mixed: Lance referred to Teito as an 'uncharming brat' after Teito swore, yet was the examiner who officially assigned Teito to be Frau's apprentice after the exam, where he smiled at Teito and wished him luck on his journey. yelled at Lance when the latter refused to rescue some candidates who were in trouble during the exam, but otherwise respected him as a bishop and a Ghost. 

Despite their mutual mixed feelings, they don't seem to particularly hate or resent each other. While Teito was still brainwashed and acting as Ayanami's Begleiter, Lance infiltrated the Hohburg Fortress in order to keep an eye on Teito and gather information on what the military was doing to him. A short while later, after being informed by Ea that Teito was at the Oak House during Wakaba Oak's funeral, he went there in an attempt to contact Teito, and was subsequently devoured by Verloren's reincarnation.

When Lance finally escaped Verloren's body, Teito was pleasantly surprised to see him alive and well. Lance inform Teito of Kreuz's survival.  Whenever Teito thinks about the people dear to him, Lance is one of the people shown to appear in his mind.


Teito and Razette

Teito first encountered Razette when he fell into the Church fountain, and panicked after thinking she was a monster. When they were properly introduced, Teito and Razette instantly befriended each other despite the fact that she is normally very wary of strangers .

Teito used Razette's guidance to find Frau's whereabouts when he was imprisoned. Teito trusts and likes Razette but this doesn't stop him from being disturbed at her shape shifting powers, mainly when she turns into Frau.

Hakuren Oak[]

If this weren't a sanctuary, I'd definitely beat him up!

—Teito, during his first meeting with Hakuren.

Teito and Hakuren meeting for the first time.

Teito first encountered Hakuren after Mikage's death, when Teito mistook him for Mikage . Hakuren and Teito do not begin on pleasant terms and the two trade insults within the first few minutes of meeting each other. Hakuren thought very little of Teito and belittled him, calling him an "elementary school kiddie". Teito's negative comments about Hakuren's family offended him and further cemented Hakuren's dislike of Teito.

Hakuren was appalled when he discovered Teito was his room-mate and partner for the exam and demanded a change. However, this appeal was rejected and forced contact meant that the pair got to know each other better. Hakuren's opinion of Teito changed when he discovered Teito was a sklave.  He felt guilty for his earlier rudeness, (calling Teito an "elementary school kiddie" when as a sklave he would not have received an education) and apologized. After Teito revealed his reason for taking the exam, Hakuren began to respect him more and returned the favour by explaining why he is in the Church.  

If I'm going to become stronger to protect you. I want to become friends!

—Teito, explaining himself to Hakuren.

Hakuren protects Teito.

However, although their relationship improved, they still treated each other with formal indifference. It was only after the incident with Bastien that Teito began to consider Hakuren a comrade, but because of Mikage, Teito was still reluctant to accept Hakuren's offer of friendship, despite caring for him enough to risk his life for him.

Hakuren and Teito meeting for the last time in the anime

During the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, Teito and Hakuren's bond grew stronger. Teito began to respect Hakuren's strength, admire his determination and the journey he has gone through, and trust his decisions. His new-found trust was especially evident during the final act of part 1 of the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, when Teito offered to give up his place in the finals for Hakuren, where he finally called Hakuren his "best friend", said he wants to "protect what's important" to him, and judged him more worthy of winning. When Teito was forced to flee the Church, they met for one last time and parted as equals, promising each other that they would get stronger.

Teito hugs Hakuren.

Teito is offended when others insult Hakuren, as shown when he became annoyed at Wade and Kyle for insulting Hakuren during the Bishop's Apprentice Exam. When Ouka asked Hakuren about his friendship with Teito, Hakuren described Teito as 'obstinate, short-tempered, not to mention a crybaby...a very troublesome person overall' but added that Teito is his 'light', and said that after meeting Teito, his grudge against his father lessened.  

Like Frau and Mikage, Hakuren seems to enjoy teasing Teito, though not as much or as often as the other two. Hakuren also sometimes takes on a motherly role towards Teito, with Frau commenting that he (Hakuren) sounds like a mother in his letter to Teito . Mikhail said that Hakuren's voice has the power of soothing Teito and Teito's heart cares about Hakuren . Mikhail also metioned that Hakuren Oak is someone who is very important to his master. 

Later in the series, Hakuren became worried when he found out that Teito had lost his memories. He did his best to help Teito recover his memories. Before the princess's birthday ball, Teito practiced dancing with him after the royal family's Head Attendant asks them to, to ensure that Teito would know how to dance at the ball.

Hakuren was one of the people who saw Teito off when Teito left for The Land of Seele.

Libelle, Athena and Rosalie[]

The nun trio is kind and caring towards Teito. The nun trio greeted Teito when he woke up after escaping from the military. They continued helping him for the remainder of his stay. 


Ouida took an instant liking to Teito, as he returned a notebook containing photos of Ouida's family that Ouida had dropped. He looked happy to see him during the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, as he smiled and waved at him and donated some Zaiphon to Teito. Due to the closeness of their respective Bishop superiors, it is likely they would spend more time with each other if Teito was able to stay in the Church.


Liam does not interact much with Teito, but they get along fairly well. When Liam found out that Teito was training with Castor, he excitedly spoke to Teito about the rumours surrounding Castor, despite having just met Teito.


The first time they appeared, Kyle taunted Teito. Upon meeting him again, Kyle seemed unimpressed at Teito's lack of knowledge of the Ghost marks, and appalled that he had previously destroyed a part of the Church.

However, he may not dislike Teito as much as initially thought, as when Teito looked upset , he asked him what was wrong. He has had no further contact with Teito since the Bishop's Apprentice Exam.


Bastien was kind and helpful towards Teito and Hakuren at first, and the two boys both respected Bastien. Teito and Hakuren were both shocked when they discovered Bastien's crimes. Bastien did not hesitate to attack them when they confronted him, and was determined to bring Teito back to the military. However, Teito was unwilling to hurt Bastien, instead pleading with him to stay with Frau.

Both Teito and Hakuren did not attend Bastien's funeral, because Teito was still recovering at the time and Hakuren was looking after him. Teito was present when Labrador presented Frau with Bastien's reincarnation.


Jio and Teito spend very little time with each other, but are aware of each other's respective positions as Archbishop and the vessel of the Eye of Mikhail and Pandora's Box. In the future, Teito goes on to succeed Jio as Pope.

Barsburg Armed Forces[]

Due to the multitude of wrongdoings committed against him, Teito has come to despise nearly all members of the military.

Mikage Celestine[]

During Teito's years at the academy Mikage was Teito's best, and only, friend. Despite their greatly different personalities, Teito's pessimism and Mikage's optimism, often causing quarrels and fights, Teito considered Mikage his greatest treasure. Teito often became annoyed at Mikage's comments on his height and would hit him in retaliation, but also extended the same punishment to anyone else who insulted Mikage.[11] Teito thought the world of Mikage, promising him that they will die together, and did his best to ensure Mikage's safety during his escape.[12] Even when in the Church, Teito's thoughts were still with Mikage, and fear for Mikage's well-being caused a notable shift in Teito's personality. Teito became more emotional and desperate,[13] and his happiness that Mikage found him temporarily clouded his judgement and normally suspicious nature.[14] Teito had a lot of respect for Mikage, and felt comfortable and confident enough in Mikage to share his past as the prince of Raggs with him.

Now that Mikage has died, I no longer have the right to live.

—Teito, dwelling on his role in Mikage's death.

Mikage's final embrace.

Teito felt that he owed Mikage a debt and should be grateful that Mikage was his friend. Mikage's death emotionally crippled Teito, who could not shake feelings of responsibility in his death, and considered his own life worthless. He felt that he disappointed Mikage by not dying with him like they first promised, and wished that Mikage had never befriended him so he would not have died. Mikage's death solidified Teito's hatred of the Empire, and has continued to be the driving force behind many of his actions in the ongoing series.[15]

Mikage's spirit has appeared to Teito on a few occasions, and Teito appears to be the only one who can see him on such occasions.

Even after Mikage's death, Teito still finds it hard to go on without his best friend. Mikage and Teito's friendship throughout the series is one of the main themes of the story. Before his body was taken over by Ayanami, Mikage told Teito that he loved him as much as he loves his own family, cherishing Teito like a brother, and that he couldn't hand Teito over to the military that wished to kill him. In Kapitel 75 , upon seeing the many photos of himself and Mikage, breaks down and cries.


I firmly protected you for 10 years. You have to live on.

—Karu, speaking to Teito

Karu with a young Teito

Because Teito's mother, Millea Klein, is a blood Barsburg, Teito and Karu are related by blood.

Teito first met Karu during the Raggs war, when the 07-Ghosts convened to discuss the Pope's treachery by making Teito Pandora's Box. Karu suggested erasing Teito's memories of the Raggs war so that he did not accidentally open Pandora's Box himself. However, after witnessing Teito's courage and willingness to fight, he rescinds his suggestion and decides to put his faith in him, commenting upon his fighting spirit and complimenting Teito's courage with a rare smile.

After the Raggs war, when Chairman Miroku decided to take Teito in as his battle slave, Karu was left in charge of watching Teito to make sure that he didn't escape. During this time, Karu was aloof around Teito because he didn't want anyone suspecting his identity as one of the 07-Ghosts. After Karu reveals his true identity as Ea to Teito, he admits to admiring Teito's courage.

Karu...it can't be...yours, and my...did you change our soul numbers...!?

—Teito asking Karu if he change Teito's soul number in Kapitel 90 page 22 to 23

Karu was secretly protective of Teito, and has said that he admires Teito's courage. In Kapitel 76 and 77, he was willing to put his position as a spy for the church in potential jeopardy so he could contact Relikt and warn him about the danger Teito is in. In Kapitel 86, Karu admitted that he kept Teito sheltered within the mansion due to over-protectiveness, and once beat Teito half to death as punishment for trying to leave. In Kapitel 90, instead of allowing Teito to use himself as "bait" to draw Landkarte away from his bedridden mother and friends, Karu switches his current soul number (which Landkarte doesn't know) with Teito's so that Landkarte will come after Karu instead, giving Teito time to reunite with Frau. This decision ultimately causes Karu's death when Landkarte kills him to escape the Book of Hades to find Teito.

I see, so the last hope was packed inside, together, with the bothersome Pandora's Box...Do something and escape from inside of Verloren. That light should work on him as well.

—Karu's last words to Teito in Kapitel 94

In Kapitel 94, Karu reunites with Teito within Verloren's core, thanking Teito for helping Landkarte and telling Teito that he has to escape Pandora's Box. Before he ascends to heaven, Karu gently pats Teito's head and gives him another rare smile as a final farewell.


The impurities in this world are far too much. Take a look inside of me. You should feel like releasing Verloren!!

—Landkarte trying to convince Teito to unseal Verloren's body in Kapitel 92 page 26

Katsuragi is the current Ghost Landkarte and he helps the 07-Ghosts oppose Verloren by sealing Pandora's Box, Verloren's true body, through the Eye of Mikhail and the Eye of Raphael .

Katsuragi does not care for Teito , betrayed his duties and tried to harm Teito . He later tried to force Teito to open Pandora's Box twice, which endangered his life each time. However , Katsuragi may have felt remorse for his actions and want to atone for what he had done .

Despite being enemies , Teito cares for Katsuragi to some extent , as shown in Kapitel 92 , Teito , seeing that Landkarte's heart is still pure despite the darkness corrupting the rest of his body, holds on to it (the heart) and purifies Landkarte , and later in Kapitel 93 , Teito wonders out loud if Landkarte's soul can be returned to the Chief of Heaven's side so that Landkarte can atone for his sins .

Later , in Kapitel 94 , he ascended to Heaven after the Chief of Heaven forgave him, and after giving his Cursed Ticket to Teito. Karu/Ea mentioned that Landkarte will get a 'severe scolding' for his crimes from the Chief.

Miroku Barsburg[]

Miroku took Teito in at a young age, making him his personal battle sklave . He had Teito trained in arts from weaponry to melee combat with Zaiphon but his real motives are unknown. Miroku may have wanted to observe the power of the Eye of Mikhail in combat, wanted to prepare him as Ayanami's Begleiter, or just thought Teito had the potential to become a good soldier and thus it would be a waste not to train him. Miroku said that Teito was the best student he had ever trained, but deems Teito's lack of killing intent his main weakness. His conversation with Ayanami in Kapitel 28 suggests his plan is to awaken the Eye of Mikhail within Teito, saying he has tried all methods to awaken Teito but none had succeeded, so he can't help thinking that Teito won't awaken unless he is herded body and soul by someone like Ayanami.

Later , in Kapitel 79 , Miroku had adopted Teito Klein as his son, thus making him an official member of the Barsburg Family. The plan to do so, according to the Royal Family's Head Attendant during the briefing before the Groom Choosing tradition, had been long overdue but because of Teito's former sklave status, took a long time to be approved. That done with, Teito was sent out to be one of Princess Ouka's fiance candidates, the main reason of course was for security purposes.

Despite the fact that Miroku is an antagonist of the series and therefore an enemy of Teito's, Teito does not seem to hate Miroku, or at least he doesn't resent him nearly as much as he (Teito) hates Ayanami. Also, Miroku does not intend to kill Teito, unlike Ayanami. However, Miroku can also be seen as unkind or cruel towards Teito, as he forced Teito to work for him as his personal battle sklave when Teito was a child, and Teito has said that while he was living in Miroku's household, Kurena (Miroku's maid) was the only one who was kind to him (Teito).

It is worth noting that, both being members of the Barsburg family, Teito and Miroku are related by blood, albeit distantly.

The Black Hawks[]

Up until Kapitel 71, Teito had little to no contact with the rest of the Black Hawks. Despite the increased amount of time spent with them, he failed to warm to them, disliking their over-friendliness and strangeness. Despite their connection to Ayanami, Teito does not appear to hold that against them, and did not kill them when given the chance.[16] The Black Hawks were all friendly towards Teito when he returned to the military, especially Konatsu, who was relieved that Teito's joining the Black Hawks would lessen his (Konatsu's) workload.


Being a loyal subordinate of Verloren/Ayanami, Hyuuga has done almost as much to harm Teito as Ayanami. During the Raggs War, Hyuuga killed one of Teito's father's bodyguards, and pursued the fleeing Teito and Fea Kreuz.

Unlike Ayanami, Hyuuga does not seem to harbor any resentment towards him, as he at times question whether Teito must be Ayanami's personal enemy and when Teito was brainwashed and joined the Black Hawks, Hyuuga was friendly towards him, offering Teito a lollipop when he woke up and did not protest and even helped when Ayanami killed Wakaba Oak to keep Teito safe longer despite it being a very serious crime, showing while not hesitating to attack Teito when ordered, he is fully able to get along with and show kindness and care for him unlike Ayanami. He also acknowledged Teito's skill, apparently considering that there are rare individuals able to rival Teito, as he was impressed by the Antwort Twins's ability to be equal to Teito enough that he asked them to be part of the Black Hawks. However, Teito is more suspicious than accepting of him.


Earlier in the series, Kuroyuri appeared to have a low opinion of Teito, speculating that the Eye of Mikhail left Teito because he was weak. They also had no hesitation attacking Teito under Ayanami's orders.

However , after Teito was brainwashed and joined the Black Hawks , it seems that Kuroyuri has no personal dislike for him and actually seems to get along well with him . In chapter 71, they greet Teito happily when he wakes up in the hospital, cheerfully telling him that he's "unexpectedly clumsy" for hitting his head during a mission, which is the lie that the Black Hawks tell Teito as an explanation for how he forgot two months worth of his memories (in truth Ayanami sealed the memories). They also inform Teito of his new position as Ayanami's Begleiter, and is shocked when he doesn't remember who Ayanami is, shouting at him for needing to ask who Ayanami is.

In chapter 74, Kuroyuri were seen helping Teito and Konatsu with their paper work, showing that they don't mind spending time working with Teito.

Shuri Oak[]

Teito and Shuri had a hostile relationship when they were students at the military academy prior to Teito's escape to the Barsburg Church, as Shuri looked down on Teito's being a former slave and Teito disliked Shuri for his arrogance and sarcasm. After Teito returned to the academy, when they found out that they were roommates, they immediately asked for a change in their room, but Konatsu Warren rejected it (manga chapter 72).

In manga chapter 77, it was revealed that Shuri and Mikage were childhood friends, and that Shuri was jealous that Mikage always stuck with and cared about Teito instead of him, which was one of the reasons why he verbally bullied Teito. Later, it was revealed that in fact Mikage's death also made Shuri feel sad, although he denied it when Teito said so. In manga chapter 75, Shuri and Teito's relationship improved somewhat when Shuri was crying heartbrokenly over his father's corpse, and Teito hit one of the soldiers who tried to drag him (Shuri) away.

Later in the series, their relationship has improved to the extent that they have a short, friendly chat at Ouka's birthday ball. Shuri still occasionally insults Teito, but without any malice, and Teito seems less easily offended by Shuri's insults.

Konatsu Warren[]

While Konatsu has no hesitation in attacking Teito, like Hyuuga and unlike Ayanami, he has no personal grudge towards him. likes Teito's capability. Upon hearing that Teito scored Grade A for information processing, Konatsu was so touched that he cried and welcomed Teito happily, thinking that finally there's someone who can lessen his workload. He then proceeded to give Teito a baseball bat, probably to hit Shuri and Hyuuga with. Konatsu also gave Teito a can of peach juice and a ballpoint pen.

Both boys were bullied during their student years, so they have something in common.


Haruse once tried to subdue and capture Teito, in order to bring the latter back to the military. Later in the series, after Teito returned to the military, Haruse was friendly towards him, like the other Black Hawks.


Yukinami got along well with Teito in the brief time they spent together. In contrast to his twin, he is reluctant to harm Teito, as shown during the Hawkzile race.


Suzunami got along well with Teito in the brief time they spent together. However, it seems that he may care somewhat less for Teito than Yukinami, as during the Hawkzile race, Yukinami hesitated to attack Teito while Suzunami showed no signs of hesitation.

Barsburg Royalty[]

Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg[]

Teito and Ouka get along well and seem to see each other as good friends. Teito has given Ouka a stuffed bunny plush toy, which she still keeps with her. Their first meeting actually occurred ten years ago, during the Raggs War, but both of them forgot about it for many years, due to both of their memories having been wiped. They have been shown to deeply care for each other.

When Teito was still suffering from memory loss, Ouka said to him that she wanted to help him regain his memories. Teito has also used the light of Mikhail to help Ouka remember that she is a clone of the original Ouka. In Kapitel 89, Ouka promised Teito that she would fulfill the mission of resealing Verloren's soul.

Both being members of the Barsburg family, Teito and Ouka are related by blood. Teito was one of Ouka's fiance candidates at her Groom Choosing masquerade, replacing Granne Barsburg's son.

On two separate occasions, Ouka used her healing Zaiphon to heal Teito.[17]


Teito appeared to be very close to most of his blood relatives.

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs[]

Krom loved Teito, who was born by the woman he loved the most, deeply, and he valued Teito's life above all else. He always thanked Teito for being born, and became frightened when he found out that he was in the hands of the Pope.

During the Raggs War, Krom did all he could to ensure his only son's safety, sending him away with his best bodyguards, and asking his brother to erase all his memories of Teito, for fear that people would find and harm him. He was willing to surrender his possession of the Eye of Mikhail in order to stop his son's soul from being devoured by Verloren. When Teito had to flee the Raggs royal home during the Raggs War, Krom was apparently sad at not being able to leave with his son.

Millea Klein[]

It is known that Teito's mother was very ill when Teito was three or four years old. It is implied that Millea was the one who taught Teito to make a crown of clovers, as some of the orphanage children asked her to help them make some.  

Millea and Teito have a good mother-son relationship. Teito often talked to Millea while she was on her sickbed, and when Millea emerged from her coma, Teito was apparently overcome with emotion.

They reunited more than a decade later, long after the war that tore their Raggs kingdom apart. Millea gives birth to Teito's reincarnation at the end of the series, bringing him back into the human world.

Fea Kreuz Raggs[]

I will respectfully eat the prince's goodwill!

—Fea Kreuz, when Teito offers him a poisonous mushroom in Kapitel 34

Fea Kruez with a young Teito

Kreuz is Teito's uncle by blood and was shown to care about Teito very much , often being shown hugging and kissing him. Kreuz was so devoted to Teito that he was willing to eat the mushroom Teito brought him as food , despite it being poisonous, describing it as "the prince's goodwill" and urging the palace guards to also eat it.

Haha. The prince has become a dedicated waiter, has he not?

—Kreuz when Teito serves him poisonous mushrooms in Kapitel 34

He was also protective of Teito and concerned about Teito's safety, sometimes resorting to violence, elbowing Agas when the bodyguard was throwing Teito in the air. Kreuz tried his best to protect Teito from harm, defying the Pope to save his life and vowing to protect him at the cost of his own life.

Ten years after Kreuz's death, Teito keeps Kreuz in his thoughts, even drawing comparisons between Kreuz and Frau.

Vanessa Antwort[]


—Vanessa, to a young Teito in Kapitel 34

Vanessa harboured a great hatred for Tiashe, seeing him as an obstacle to Krom's affection- as she knew Krom was reminded of Millea Klein whenever he saw Tiashe. Vanessa knew that Krom did not truly love her as he did with Millea and was almost driven to insanity as a result. 

A concubine's child must always walk in the shadows. It's inexcusable that tomorrow you will be announced before the nation as the official heir!

—Vanessa, to a young Teito in a fit of madness in Kapitel 34

Vanessa wished that he had never been born because then Krom would have still loved her(not that he ever actually did). Vanessa even going as far as saying that a concubine's child must always stay in the shadows and mustn't with the outside world .

When The Pope told Vanessa that her sins would be forgiven if she handed her stepson Teito over to him, she believed him. Together with the Pope, she killed another child and deceived everyone that Teito was dead.

However, she may have felt remorse for putting a slave mark on Tiashe's body, as she eventually confessed to Krom that she had given Tiashe to the Pope, who tricked Vanessa into believing that her sin would be forgiven if she handed Tiashe to him.


Unknown Royal Attendant[]

She seemed to genuinely like Teito, and was willing to take care of him. She told Fea Kreuz and the Black Beast Squadron that she will keep an eye on him. After Kreuz was playing with Tiashe, she welcomed him back and wondered afterwards how Daphne petals got over him with a happy expression on her face. Tiashe often told her about what he was doing with others prior to coming to her or what his plans are for the day.


Agas was caring towards and protective of Teito. Agas often played with Teito by throwing him into the air, in which he received Kreuz's elbow and wrath on one occasion. Agas, along with Karan, played in the water with Teito and made a rainbow using a hose pipe, much to Teito's awe and amusement, in which afterwards, he asked Teito to make three wishes before the rainbow would vanish.

When Teito was still a child, he affectionately called Agas as 'Akkun' and admired him to the point that he wanted to be big like Agas. This may be the reason why Agas plays toss-me-up with Teito as he (Teito) surpasses him by height.

Agas was extremely worried about Teito when it was revealed by Krom that Teito was serving as Pandora's Box. After Eye of Raphael's attack, he caught Teito first and prioritised his safety. When the ground fully collapsed, he fell to his death and was also hit by Raphael's attack a second time but not before passing Teito to Kreuz and ensuring that he was safe.


Mark was kind and caring towards Teito. He protected Teito during the Raggs War. When Teito entered Raggs Castle, Mark appeared in a flashback where he answered Teito's question on what was falling on them; he responded snow. Teito then tells him that his hands are shivery and shortly afterwards, Mark breathes into his hands to make it warm. After Krom revealed that Teito was succesfully functioning as Pandora's Box, Mark was visibly surprised and desperately asked if it was no longer possible to save Teito, indicating his attachment to him.

When Mark was about to confront Hyuuga, he smiled one last time to Teito in order to reassure him and make feel at ease. He did not want Teito to be sad at all and highlighted that it was his pride to do this for him. This showed that he was willing to sacrifice his life for Teito's In return, Teito was also deeply attached to Mark by calling him affectionately with his nickname, 'Mar-kun'. Before he went to battle, Teito wanted him to catch up with them and made him promise, to which he answered, that his heart will always be with him. 


Karan was kind and caring towards Teito. He, alongside Agas, often played with him in the water when he was not guarding Krom and was, at one point, in charge of getting Teito to sleep and nap. Karan expressed surprise and worry when it was revealed by Krom that Teito was functioning as Pandora's Box.

He protected Teito during the Raggs War as they were ordered by Krom to guard Kreuz and Teito when they go the Seven Houses of God. Karan treasured Teito that he willingly gave his cherished muffler to him and asked him to take care of it until he returns from the battle.

Teito, in return, affectionately calls Karan as 'Ka-kun' and cares for him. This was shown when Teito thought that he had cold because of Karan constantly wearing a muffler and asked if he (Karan) was alright.


Mikhail : Don't run. The one who loves you the most is me.

Teito (extends a hand) : You come with me too.
Mikhail : Now , from here on, I'll walk with him.

—An exchange between Mikhail and Teito in Kapitel 24

Mikhail showing his appreciation of Teito.

Teito's body is what hosts the Eye of Mikhail . As such, Mikhail is able to take possession of Teito's body, as the Archangel's spirit lives within the Eye.

Mikhail is devoted to and greatly respects Teito , acknowledging him as his master. By Teito's own admission, it is revealed that Mikhail has been with him for ten years, ever since he was a child. It is also revealed that Mikhail used to play with Teito when he was a child, and he has said it was he who protected Teito's mind when Teito was forced to kill or confronted with death when he was young.

"Behold! Even amongst the previous bearers, my master is undisputably a beautiful first or second rank vessel. Well? Isn't he wonderful?"

—Mikhail about Teito in Kapitel 8 page 26

Mikhail developed true loyalty to Teito when Teito extended a hand to him and asked him to join him, instead of leaving him alone . Mikhail is also shown to be deeply moved when Teito thanks him for watching over him and supporting him the ten years they have been together, and hugs Teito tightly in response (Kapitel 82). Mikhail often constructs a heart out of the branch-like portrusions that extend from the Eye of Mikhail to portray his affection for Teito when either talking directly to him (Kapitel 82) or talking about him to other people (Kapitel 26).

Mikhail adores Teito and treats him with great respect and admiration, saying: "The one who loves you most is me", and is fiercely loyal to him. He compliments Teito's intelligence (Kapitel 83) and praises his beauty (Kapitel 8 and 26).

Somehow, I cannot defy this collar. It must also bother my master. What should I do...

—Mikhail worried about Teito in Kapitel 8 page 30

Mikhail accept getting brainwash to protect Teito from harm

Mikhail is also very protective of Teito, as he will attack anyone who so much as threatens his master, and will do anything to protect Teito if it's in his power to do so. This was shown when he was very willing to kill Bastien for trying to kill Teito, rendered Haruse comatose for trying to separate the Eye from Teito, and kept Pandora's Box sealed within Teito's body. If it is not within Mikhail's power to protect Teito e.g. when the Eye of Mikhail and Teito were separated, Mikhail will do his best to use other means to ensure Teito's safety, as shown when he commanded Frau/Zehel to protect Teito during the Eye of Mikhail and Teito's separation. In Kapitel 79 , Mikhail accept to be brainwash after Ayanami reveals that Teito is wired to a machine that releases brainwaves that making Teito freaks out and feels uncomfortable .

Teito is deeply shocked when he realized that the Eye of Mikhail is broken and not responding in Kapitel 89 . According to Mikhail, this is due to the damage caused by Raphael , causing 'errors on all circuits'. Teito has shown that he also cares for Mikhail, as he asked Mikhail if he (Mikhail) is okay in Kapitel 90, and has thanked Mikhail for helping him during his days as a battle slave. In Kapitel 99 , the Eye of Mikhail is fixed when Ouka heals Teito, and Mikhail responds to Teito.


Raphael acknowledges Teito as the master of her fellow archangel, Mikhail, but apart from that, she has not interacted much with Teito so far. In Kapitel 86, Raphael says that she is very grateful that Teito woke Ouka up, and becomes tearful.

Verloren (Ayanami)[]

As an entertainment, I'll tell you a truth which will make you want to cover your memory with a lid...the Raggs king that I killed had a sibling but,to be more specific, there wasn't just one. Krom, Kreuz and Krowell.

—Ayanami to Teito, flashback in Kapitel 90 page 08 to 09

Ayanami and Teito

Teito and Ayanami have a rather complicated relationship, having a strong mutual dislike, yet also occasionally demonstrating mutual respect and genuine concern for each other's well-being.

Teito and his father with the portrait of the deceased Raggs king with his wife and sons

It's revealed that Ayanami is Teito's uncle by blood . A brief flashback show Krom and Tiashe with the portrait of the deceased Raggs king (top left) with his wife and sons ( Krom , Kruez , Krowell ) . Millea Klein confirmed that Krom had at least two siblings ( Kreuz and Krowell ) . Krowell was deeply loved by his siblings , but died when he was young . Teito don't believed that there is a ridiculous story for Ayanami to be within his precious family.[18]

Ayanami initially considered Teito an obstacle to obtaining Pandora's Box. After Teito's perceived theft of the Eye of Mikhail, Ayanami saw it as a challenge to the Barsburg Empire, and sought to kill him himself. Ayanami is always the superior out of the two of them whenever they fight and true to being Teito's nemesis, has done many things to make him suffer. In all those altercations, he seems to reveal a desire to have Teito give in to the darkness, as he always mocks his lack of dependence on his dark emotions. He is frustrated by his lack of success in corrupting Teito.

However, during Teito's time in the Black Hawks, Ayanami shows kindness to Teito several times, and demonstrates concern for his (Teito's) health. Ayanami also openly considers him to be the his most hard-working subordinate Ayanami rather than simply subtly returning the Eye to Teito and having him open Pandora's Box and then have him killed, Ayanami instead chose to keep Teito alive longer by killing Wakaba Oak, who would likely just simply kill Teito , who was unknown to Wakaba was Ayanami's nephew and the Pandora Box .[19] Ayanami's act was uncharacteristic enough that even Kal noted the potential of Ayanami being strongly attached to his nephew and willing to kill anyone who tries to harms him. Near the end of the series, Ayanami uncharacteristically refused Teito's desperate offer of help and sacrificed himself to keep Teito safe, and Teito said that although he still found it hard to forgive Ayanami, he didn't want Ayanami to die because they are family.

As Verloren , he appears to like Teito or at least doesn't dislike him enough to want to hurt him . Teito notes that even though Pandora's Box was opened and Verloren has captured him , Verloren wasn't targeting or attack him .Teito remembered that it was the same way when he first became the Pandora's Box : Verloren hadn't tried to attacked or tried to hurt him either.[20]

In the anime, Ayanami seems to have little to no personal resentment towards Teito but resents his softness and Teito hates Ayanami much more than in the manga. However, in their final battle, Ayanami has shown that he wishes to corrupt and recruit Teito, as when he confronted him, he said that he had a far more suitable job than a Bishop for him. He also taunts him to give in to his darkness, implying that not only does Ayanami want the information on Pandora's Box, he also desires to have him at his side, likely as he acknowledged that while Teito is no match for him, he is nevertheless very formidable and should he give in to the darkness, he will be even more fierce. It has been implied that Ayanami kept tabs on Teito to see his improvement and value whether he is worth of being his soldier or not, as he himself openly said that he knew how much Teito had changed and orchestrated their whole fight to see whether he is worthy of being his soldier or not.

Interestingly, despite their mutual animosity in the series, they seem to be somewhat friendlier towards each other in bonus material e.g. omakes and some of the drama CDs. Ayanami even once claimed that they cannot live without each other in the drama CD track "Escape".

Verloren's Scythe[]

Teito Klein is shown wielding the scythe in Verloren's core.

The scythe views Teito as a potential meal, and describes his soul as "looking delicious" and eventually tries to force Frau to devour Teito's soul.


I feel close to her. Like I've met her somewhere before-...

—Teito's thought about Eve in Kapitel 94 page 31

Eve first meets Teito within Pandora's Box, where Eve seemed concerned with Teito's safety, and helps him by explaining the situation. Teito notes that although this is his first time meeting Eve, he feels close to her, as if he's met her somewhere before. She also wishes Teito good luck for his attempt to rescue Frau before she disappears.

Fans have long suspected that Teito is Eve's reincarnation. However, Kapitel 98 disproves this theory.


Guido was kind and compassionate towards him. Guido met Teito when Fea Kreuz was teleported on the Floating Island H8 by Landkarte. Guido teased Teito by poking his cheek and, at the same time, was in slight disbelief that Verloren's soul resided in him, calling him a small 'brat' the same way Frau does.

When you meet him say this: 'I want to return to this world again.'

—Guido, instructing Teito in Kapitel 68

Guido told Teito that when he goes beyond the Land of Seele, he (Teito) must tell the Chief of Heaven that he wants to be reborn again.

At the very end of the manga, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs was reincarnated as Wahrheit Teito Klein suggesting that Teito (when he was a still a child) remembered what Guido had told him to do, even after 10 years, and may very well had treasured this memory however brief it was.


Kurena looked after Teito when he was under Miroku's care. She has a scar on her neck as punishment for her carelessness under her previous master. She cares for Teito a lot, as even after he has left the household, she still keeps all the gifts Teito brought her . Teito was shown to keep Kurena in his thoughts after deserting the military. She is the only female character in the series so far who's truly important to Teito, as she is the closest thing he has to a mother.


We don't oppress other people. People are born to fulfill their dreams, to be happy.

—Teito to Capella in Kapitel 27 page 14

Capella looks up to Teito and sees him as an older brother, using 'nii-chan' to address him. Frau says that Capella looks up to Teito as if he were the sun or 'his god', and Capella expresses that he wants to be like Teito when he grows up. Capella is thrilled with any and all gifts Teito gives him, and expressed a desire to spend his own money on Teito instead of himself. The two have been shown to care deeply for each other, and both cried when Teito had to leave to continue his journey.


Rutia was deeply grateful to Frau and Teito for enabling her and Capella to reunite. Teito was angry at Rutia at first for seeingly abandoning Capella, but after coming to understand Rutia's reasons for selling Capella into slavery, he was no longer angry and requested that Rutia never let go of Capella's hand again.

Karein Celestine[]

Karein hugs Teito and cries when he first meets him in person, thanking him for saving Mikage (in an omake in Supreme Sugar, Teito saved Mikage, and a pillar fell onto Teito. When Teito was unconscious in the hospital, Mikage made a thousand senbatsuru, folded paper cranes Japanese people give to those who are sick to wish for them to get well soon or live a long life, and prayed hard to God that Teito would be okay).

Karein said that he has always been worried about Teito, as he heard Mikage say that Teito wasn't free (Kapitel 75). After Teito was rendered unconscious and brought back to the military by Ayanami, it is likely that Karein and the rest of the Celestine family were informed of his (Teito's) condition and whereabouts.

Kokuyou Celestine[]

Kokuyou has a lot of respect for his deceased younger brother's best friend , Teito . They visit Mikage's grave together to pay their respects. When Teito confides to Kokuyou that he's missing his memories and can't remember how Mikage died, Kokuyou sympathizes with him and comments that it must be hard on Teito. He later scolds Kohaku, his younger brother, for being impolite to Teito.

Rinka Celestine[]

In an illusion in the anime, Rinka seemed to be furious at Teito, seemingly blaming Teito for her brother's death as Mikage would not have died if Teito had not attacked a higher-up and escaped, so she wished that Teito had died instead of Mikage. Teito himself was visibly guilty and emotionally pained when she accused him of such and it is likely that even in the real world, he feels guilty for her. However, it is likely that this was just an illusion to make Teito give in to emotional blackmail.

In the manga, Rinka does not know the true nature of Mikage's death (it was reported that he died in a Hawkzile accident and his body was never recovered) and thinks well of Teito, saying that he is a good person and has clear eyes. It is also implied in the manga that she has a crush on Teito, though Teito seems unaware of this or prefers not to acknowledge it.

Kohaku Celestine[]

They did not get along well at first, but Kohaku eventually warmed up to Teito and Teito was determined to protect both him and Rinka. Kohaku has voiced his support of a romantic relationship between Rinka and Teito.

Xingfa Hausen[]

Xingfa was suspicious of Teito at first, seeing him as a threat to the Hausen House's reputation. His lack of care towards Teito resulted in him trying to kill Teito. However, Xingfa admits to Teito that his hatred was due to desperation from losing his wife, and their relationship improved after Teito set Lady Hausen's soul free.

Lady Hausen[]

Teito's relationship with Lady Hausen is unknown, but it's hinted that they had a complicated relationship. Apart from her connection to the Attack at the Hausen House , Teito probably does respect Lady Hausen to some extent , since she is the beloved mother of Xing-lu Hausen , the thirteenth head of the Hausen household and the current Ghost Fest .

Lady Hausen had ambush Teito twice , imply that she might feel somewhat animosity and hostility towards Teito . She first attempt to attack Teito in the bathroom after enters his room and sensing the clothes thus thinking her son is also with them but find no sign of Xing-lu. Teito senses the presence and defends himself by knocking his attacker back.

Lady Hausen later attempt to ambush Teito the second time after unsuccessful attack him the first time . After sensing food , the Wars appears before Teito and Seilan, and Seilan attempts to save Teito by pushing him out of the way, but Seilan is unable to help Teito further as the Wars separates them and advances on Teito. Teito draws his Baculus but getting distracted thus resulting in Teito being dragged towards the Wars by the porcelain dolls the lady is controlling . In Kapitel 31 , while Teito distracted, the lady grabs Teito and begins to devour him. Teito holds her face and attempt to reassuring her by telling her that her son is alive and well and still loves her .  

Mother! I do live! Even more, I'm no longer a child, and I'm no longer alone. Though I can't return to this house any more, I found a place where I can be myself, and mother... I am always thinking of your happiness. So please... don't cry any more...

—Teito, reassuring the Wars Xing-lu is alright

Hearing this, parts of the Wars's humanity begin to return; the lady begins to cry for her son, apologise for her actions and she begs Teito to save her. Teito uses his Baculus to purify her soul and, as she thanks Teito, her body dissolves into doves and lights, showing that her soul has been set free. Xingfa later appears, where he explains his actions was due to desperation from losing his wife .


Seilan at first thinks of Teito as an annoyance and a threat to the image of the Hausen House. He thinks little of Teito, assisting in the other servants' attempts to kill him, but after spending time with him, begins to respect him.

Dear God... We've lost sight of what's important. We should show gratitude to this boy... Teito! Get out! Get out now!

—Seilan, trying to warn Teito of the trap

After spending times with Teito , Seilan begins to respect him . Seilan's new-found respect eventually leading to Seilan demands Teito to leave the room after remembering the trap , as well as defy the other servants in an attempt to save his life, and protest military intervention.

Once the Wars has been destroyed , Seilan and the other servants bows their head to Teito , and tells him to "come home soon".

Hausen House Servants[]

It is hinted that at first, Teito and Hausen household servants were on fairly bad terms . When Seilan wanted to rescue Teito, they telling him (Seilan) not to interfere with Lady Hausen's meal, and they were quick to threaten him if he did.

After the Wars has been destroyed , the servants and Seilan bow their heads to Teito , and tell him to "come home soon".

Burupya's Mother[]

At first, she was angry with Teito and Frau for taking her child away from her. However, when she saw that Burupya was happy with Teito, she accepted her son's decision and allowed him to stay with his new friend.


Kururu was rather rude to Teito the first time they met, but eventually warmed up to him.


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