イザカヤ Izakaya
Part of the tavern, as seen in the manga.
Physical information
Location District 6
Position Tavern
Manga Kapitel 35
Anime NA
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The Tavern is a place of business where travellers come to receive alcoholic beverages and food.[1] It is one of the places which Teito Klein, Frau and Capella made their temporary home whilst on their journey to District 5.

It is owned by a woman known as Madame, and located near the centre of the city of Baltos, just outside the town square. The tavern appears to put on shows for the people, or assist with the dances at festivals, as seen by the presence of a costume room.


Male hosts are required to wear the typical butler attire: consisting of a white, long sleeved shirt, black waistcoat and a black bow-tie, black trousers and a black apron. They wear white socks and black shoes. Their duties include preparing food and managing the bar.[2]

Hostesses wear elaborate, colourful, flowing, and often revealing, gowns. Most serving girls wear their hair down, and some may wear flowers in their hair. Many of them are professional dancers, and when there is a festival- serving girls will go and dance with customers.[3]

Overall, the tavern seems to be somewhat similar to Japanese host clubs.


The Tavern appears as how any other tavern would, being a large, spacey room made primarily of wood and stone. Towards the front is a bar table and behind this a shelf stacked with wine and beer.

The tables at the left side of the room are round, but square towards the right, and the chairs mostly wooden. There are also a few curved sofas. Towards the far left side of the room, there are a few pictures on the wall, as well as a staircase leading up to the costume room. It has at least two floors.[4]

There is a large kitchen and a store room. The roof is accessible, and allows a good view of the Plaza before it.

Costume room: The costume room is a very large room located on the first floor of the tavern, where the dresses for the dancing girls are kept.

To the far end of the room, against the back wall, is a large bed with frilly bedsheets and pillowcases decorated with rose embroidery, and on the bed lie dozens of large plushies. The bed is cut off from the rest of the room by a large curtain. To the left of the room is a clothes rack where several costumes hang. In the centre of the room are two large arm chairs and a small coffee table between them. The walls and floor are plain in comparison.


  1. In Kapitel 35, when working there, Frau serves wine to someone and Teito later makes a sandwich for someone else.
  2. In Kapitel 35, Teito and Frau were seen doing this.
  3. In Kapitel 35 Madame said: "The guests have all gone to the plaza with the hostesses".
  4. In Kapitel 35, a staircase can be seen leading up the the costume room.

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