Kapitel 23.5: Extra: Supreme Sugar

Supreme Sugar 03
Supreme sugar 03
General information
Volume number 4
Chapter number 23.5
Number of pages 16
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Burupya (Mikage Celestine)
Anime counterpart NA
Chapter guide
Preceded by
Kapitel 23
Followed by
Kapitel 24


This extra revolves around a dreamscape, a representation of Teito Klein's journey in life preceding the chapters in the manga. It depicts how Teito has loved and lost his best friend, and how he must now complete his mission on his own...but never truly alone as Frau is there to guide him through the next great chapter of his life.

Quotes from this ExtraEdit

Hakuren: "A flower." Mikage: "Courageous." Teito: "Muscular...? I guess." (the three boys' responses when asked to describe their mothers in one word)

"Is your mother a part of Billy's boot camp?" (Hakuren's reaction to Teito's description of Frau)

"Hahaha, you shouldn't underestimate the wrath of housewives when we're fighting over a sale." Teito's supposed mother in the extra. a.k.a Frau (Page 05)

"Thank you! My boss won't be whipping me tonight!" (Hyuuga when Frau agrees to buy something from him)

"From this point on, you're on your own. What lies ahead of you is the real world that you've been searching for." _Mikage to Teito about not going on the journey with him (Page 10)

"God...If I lose Mikage...there will be no meaning to my journey. Please spare him..." _Teito, prayer (Page 12)

"The truth is, ever since I first met him, I was always in silent fear. Please, God...I beg of you...Please don't tell me that loving someone is also the same as losing them." _Teito, thought (Page 13/14)

"The journey I shared with you was the best!" _Mikage, note, on the package handed to Teito by Frau (Page 16)

Teito: "Who are you?" Frau: "I'm your guide to your next destination." (Page 17)

Characters in order of AppearanceEdit

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