Statue of Zehel
ゼヘルノチォウゾウ Zeheru no chouzou
Statue of Zehel in the manga
Purpose Deifies Zehel
Enables ground-level access to the Church
Owner(s) Barsburg Church
Manga Kapitel 2
Anime Episode 2

The Statue of Zehel is one of the seven, bronze Ghost statues in the Barsburg Church. The tower of Zehel is the only means of access to the Barsburg Church from the ground.

The statue of Zehel, like the other six statues, reacts to the injuries its respective Ghost receives.

As its name suggests, it is the likeness of the Ghost Zehel, the cutting spirit, and is located in the tower of Zehel. It shows the Ghost Zehel leaning down and grasping the scythe with one hand.


It is currently unknown what people come to the statue to pray for, though given Zehel's power to cut the strings that tie a soul to misfortune, it could be for someone to become a better person.



Statue of Zehel in the anime

The statue of Zehel and its tower appears to have stood for as long as the Barsburg Church has stood. It is established this is some time before the Raggs War, as the Statue of Vertrag was destroyed a while before the war with Raggs ended.

Modern historyEdit

Since Frau became the new God of Death, it is unknown if the statue of Zehel is still standing.

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