Statue of Ea
エアノチォゾウ Ea no chouzou
Purpose Deifies Ea
Owner(s) Barsburg Church
Manga Kapitel 58
Anime NA

The Statue of Ea is one of seven bronze, Ghost statues in the Barsburg Church. As its name suggests, it is the likeness of the Ghost Ea, the awaking spirit, and is located in the tower of Ea.

Like the other six statues, the statue of Ea reacts to the injuries its respective Ghost receives.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

It is currently unknown what believers pray to the Statue of Ea for, though given Ea's power to determine a soul's destination in the afterlife, it could be for someone to go toheaven after death.

History[edit | edit source]

It is presumed that the statue of Ea has stood for as long as the Barsburg Church itself has.

Modern history[edit | edit source]

As the Ghost himself has ascended to Heaven, the statue of Ea may no longer be standing.

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