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Sky Pirates
スカイ海賊 Sukai kaizoku
Guido's Subordinates
General information
Leader(s) Guido
Founder(s) Possibly Guido
Base Skies
Affiliation Themselves

Possibly Raggs [1]

Purpose 'Control' the skies
Manga debut SPEEDSTER (flashback)
Kapitel 88 (mentioned only)
Anime debut NA

The Sky Pirates (also known as Air Pirates) are skilled pilots who are considered to 'control' or 'rule' the skies. Before and during the Raggs War, they were led by Guido.


Yield not to the strong and show humility before the weak. No one can control us but ourselves.

— Frau's Father , regarding the law among Sky Pirates

This is the law that is upheld among Sky Pirates and it is their way of life in Eden. According to Guido, the Air Pirates only target illegal freight ships that sail below the clouds and give impoverished lands the goods the Air Pirates stole from them. According to one of the Sky Pirates, they only obey the rules of the strongest man in the island, who is the fastest among the Sky Pirates. Magdalen indicated that the Sky Pirates have their own way of setting things and that by leaving them alone, they won't cause any trouble.

It is implied that all of them either died or disappeared during the Sky Pirate Subjugation. The side chapter SPEEDSTER seemed to indicate that the Sky Pirates are all male, but later in the series, Guido was shown talking to Magdalen onboard his airship Aegis, in a flashback of Frau's past. This hints that it is possible for a woman to join the crew and, though not confirmed, that female Sky Pirates do/did exist.


  1. During the Raggs War, Guido planned to rescue some Raggs refugees. Guido also tasked Frau with learning the Language of Raggs.