Seven Houses of God
七つのゴッドハウス Nanatsu no goddo hausu
The ancestors of the seven God Houses, the Seven Ghosts (pictured).
General information
Leader(s) Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg
The Pope[1]
Founder(s) The original Seven Ghosts
Base Respective God Houses
Affiliation Seven Ghosts
Barsburg Empire
Purpose To prosper the seven continents
To provide the traveller of Seele with the Cursed Tickets
Manga debut Kapitel 30
Anime debut NA
The Seven Houses of God are the descendants of the first generation of the Seven Ghosts. They are organisations with the goal of prospering the seven continents.[2]

There are seven continents in the world of 07-Ghost. Each district has a God House, which is a noble family, and each of these God Houses contains one of the cursed tickets in the name of the Ghost they descend from.

To travel to the Land of Seele, the person must first receive the blessing of each of the God Houses and the cursed ticket of every House's respective Ghost. The God Houses have the right to refuse blessing to anyone if they do not deem their motives true enough.[3] The traveller of Seele exists to judge them.[4]


Family Name Ghost Last successor Guarding District Location of the God House
Barsburg Ea Karu District 1 Hohburg Fortress
Oak Relikt Lance District 2 Oak House
Reuen Landkarte Katsuragi District 3 Unknown
Krat Profe Labrador District 4 Krat House
Raggs Vertrag Fea Kreuz District 5 Raggs Castle
Hausen Fest Castor District 6 Hausen House
Verius Zehel Frau District 7 Unknown


The God Houses are selected by the Emperor and the Pope to be responsible for this country's more serious matters.

—Seilan, explaining how the God Houses are chosen.[5]

These seven God Houses have the right to decide who is to be the Pope;[6] and the Pope has the right to decide whether someone is fit to be a king or queen of Raggs.[7] The Pope does not side with Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg, the current ruler of the Barsburg Empire.[8]


Following the Raggs War, the God houses serve the Barsburg Empire in "one way or another"[9] and this includes killing those who oppose the Empire. However, not all God Houses are Barsburg's allies.[10]

The God Houses of Vertrag and Ea are also under the divine protection of Archangels Mikhail and Raphael respectively, through the Eye of Mikhail and the Eye of Raphael

The families of Barsburg and Verius are also under the leadership of the Emperor and the Pope respectively. 

All seven of the God houses have strong ties to the Empire because a suitor from each and every house is an eligible candidate to be the next Empress's husband, meaning that to varying extents, presumably all the houses are related to the Barbsurg royalty by marriage.

Abilities and AttributesEdit

Each God house comes with a great degree of political power and diplomatic immunity,[11] to the extent that not even the Church can investigate a God house (something many of them exploit for their own benefit).[12]


As members of the God Houses share the blood of the original Seven Ghosts, they retain the ability to be used as the vessel of their respective Ghost should they die from an unnatural death.

Not even members of the God Houses themselves know this is possible.[13]


The Seven Ghosts, to continue to protect the seal on Verloren, always remained in this world. In order to coexist with the people of this world they took on human forms. Before long they became tied to humans and built families... The houses of God inherit the blood of the Seven Ghosts.

—Seilan, telling Teito of the connection between the Houses of God and the seven Ghosts.[14]

After the Seven Ghosts sealed Verloren, they had to stay in the human world to guard the seal. Each Ghost assumed human form and went on to live human lives; they married humans, had human children and died as humans. In time, these seven families became known as the Seven Houses of God. These descendants have the Seven Ghosts' blood (hence the potential of using the ability of a Ghost) and a chosen member will act as a vessel of a Ghost after he/she has died a physical death.

The current ghosts are the descendants of the original seven.

Raggs WarEdit

Main article: Raggs War

During the Raggs War, the houses were split on which side to take. Those that sided with Barsburg "made great achievements during the war".[15] Those that sided with Raggs were ordered to kill the heads of their clans in order for the rest of the bloodline to be spared.


  • Frau has said to Teito about the Seven Houses of God: 'You might say they're people who can't do anything in this world.'
  • The locations of the God Houses of Landkarte and Zehel are the only God House locations that have not been shown, because Katsuragi and Frau were able to give Teito their respective Cursed Tickets without Teito having to travel to their respective God Houses.
  • The God Houses of Ea and Vertrag are, so far, the only God Houses known to have produced a marriage between a descendant of each God House (the marriage of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, a descendant of Vertrag, and Millea Klein, a descendant of Ea).


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