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Seven Ghosts (chapter)
Seven Ghosts
General information
Volume number NA (Pilot chapter)
Chapter number 1
Number of pages 44
Cover Phrase The fate of one boy now begins to move...
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Anime counterpart NA
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1. Seven Ghosts is a pilot chapter which was developed as an early idea of the 07 Ghost storyline.

The chapter Seven Ghosts is the first of the Pilot chapters and revolves around the major characters of the series: Teito, Frau, Castor, Labrador. The plot is quite similar to Kapitel 1.


Teito Klein is seen wandering through the snow while the three Bishops travel across it on their Hawkziles. Being unable to see Teito, one of the Hawkziles, ridden by Frau, almost knocks him over. The blow does not hurt him but instead knocks Teito unconscious and the Bishops carry him to the Church, mistakenly believing him to be a girl.

When Teito wakes, he attacks Frau after being frightened by him, and once Teito is introduced to Frau, Castor, Labrador and Razette, the four of them try to remove the seal on Teito's forehead (offering to use many strange methods, including sandpaper and polish remover) but to no avail. As the Imperial army is still looking for Teito, he is forced to live as a girl and wear a nun's habit and full face veil, and he narrowly avoids being caught by soldiers patrolling the Church, who are driven away by Castor's preaching.

It is revealed that the reason Teito fled is because he attacked a superior officer after learning he (the officer) was the one who killed his father. Meanwhile, Lloyd had found his way into the Church and attacked Teito, but the Bishops and Razette defend him and are revealed to be part of the Seven Ghosts, and together they kill the enemy soldiers. Frau then accidentally becomes Teito's master when he tries to remove his chains, and if Teito disobeys the wishes of his master, he turns into a dragon.

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