Sem Country
セム Semu
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Physical information
Location Unknown
Language Possibly Language of Barsburg [1]
Currency Unknown
Government Unknown
Ruler Unknown
Manga Kapitel 64 (mentioned only)
Anime NA
Location on map

Sem Country​​, also known as simply Sem, was mentioned in Kapitel 64. When Gyokuran was informing Princess Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg of her (Ouka's) schedule for the day, it was mentioned that Ouka would 'dine with Sem Country's Guest of Honour at noon in the eastern garden' as part of her schedule.

Nothing else is known about Sem Country.


  1. The fact that Ouka was going to dine with Sem Country's representative suggests that no language barriers were expected to occur, implying that the people of Sem Country may speak the Barsburg language.
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