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サダ Sada
Rsz 2iscan 016 scanlation.jpg
Sada in the manga.
Aliases Sada-sama (by Almarz Residence servants)
Species Human
Nationality District 4
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Rena (niece)
Ugur, Lyon and Rena's Mother (siblings)
Ugur's Wife (sister-in-law)
Unnamed mother
Professional status
Occupation Nobleman
Affiliation Almarz Family

Almarz Residence

Manga Kapitel 56
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Sada is a minor character in the 07-Ghost series, who appeared in the Capella arc of the manga. He is one of Rena's maternal uncles.


Physical appearance[]

Sada is of average height, with short, tidy blonde [1] hair, a large, straight nose and a small mouth.


He was seen wearing a collared, light-coloured undershirt and a matching suit or jacket.


Little is known about his personality. He appears to be rather quiet, as he was the only one amongst Rena's relatives who did not speak when introduced, and also remained silent when Ugur's crimes were revealed.


His siblings[]

He appears to be fairly comfortable around Lyon and Oole, and did not object to them introducing him. His feelings towards his other two siblings are unknown.


He was born to Rena's unnamed maternal grandparents and grew up alongside UgurRena's MotherLyon and Oole. He is younger than Lyon and Oole. [2]

Manga synopsis[]

Sada appears briefly at the Almarz Residence after the death of one of his sisters, Rena's Mother


  1. Stated to have blonde hair in Kapitel 56
  2. Lyon called Sada "our (Lyon's and Oole's) younger brother".