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Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg
ロゼアマネル・オウカ・バルスブルグ Rozeamaneru Ouka Barusuburugu
Ouka with her Fyulong dragon, Kururu.
Aliases OR-0007
A fake (calling herself)
Master, my master (by Raphael)
Little lady (by Frau)
Neechan (by Capella)
Species Human


Nationality Barsburg Empire
Gender Female
Age 16 [1]
Birthday December 1st
Height Estimated 165cm
Weight Estimated 43 kg
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives 46 other clones (deceased)
Ea (ancestor)
Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg (father)
Dalia Barsburg (mother)
Granne Barsburg (aunt)
Teito Klein/Wahrheit Teito Klein
Millea Klein
Miroku Barsburg
Other members of the Barsburg Family
Professional status
Occupation Empress of the Barsburg Empire [2]
Host of the Eye of Raphael
Affiliation Barsburg Empire
Barsburg Family
The Raphael Project (formerly)
Manga Kapitel 19 (flashback)
Kapitel 36 (mentioned only)
Kapitel 47
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg, often known as simply Ouka, is the current Empress-to-be of the Barsburg Empire and the current host of the Eye of Raphael. She is the only major female character, and one of the few recurring female characters, in the series. 

Ouka is first introduced as a princess who has run away from home to escape her unhappy home life, and who wants to become a doctor. Later in the series, it was revealed that as a child, her original body died in an experiment on the Eye of Raphael, and her soul was moved by Karu into a vessel that the scientists conducting the experiment had made. Ouka was then brainwashed and forced to attack the kingdom of Raggs, but overcame the brainwashing years later with the help of Teito and the Eye of Mikhail


Ouka (桜花) is Japanese for cherry blossom. It is also the name of an attack aircraft used in WW2, fitting the trend of those related to the military having war ships, planes etc. as their names (like Ayanami, Hyuuga, Wakaba etc.)

The "Ou" in Ouka (王) can mean king, while the "Tei" in Teito (帝) means emperor, despite Ouka being the one belonging to an empire and Teito a kingdom. When put together, "Teiou" (帝王) means emperor or sovereign.

In French, 'elle' means 'she', and can also be a variant of 'Elizabeth', which means 'God is my promise'.

'Bars' is a German word that has the same meaning in English. 'Burg' means 'castle'.


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  • 'I just want to love anyone from my heart.' (manga chapter 48, page 17)
  • 'I do not love anything about that troublesome world.' (manga chapter 48, page 15)
  • 'It's difficult for me to be honest with people I dislike.' (about one of her aunts, Kapitel 64)
  • "You have to remember. How can you be honest with yourself if you don't know the reality of the world?" (to Teito when he had amnesia)
  • 'Teito! Leave this place to me! Hurry and go!' (to Teito, Kapitel 90)


  • Ouka dislikes spicy foods.
  • She has a Fyulong companion like Teito, is the heir to the throne of her kingdom like him, and wields the Eye of Raphael, the counterpart to Teito's Eye of Mikhail. They also have the same birthday.
  • Although completely lost in translation, she has a speech quirk very peculiar to her, speaking almost like an elderly samurai. Often using masculine ending particles like "zo", she speaks in a very archaic way that, despite what one may assume, has nothing to do with her being a princess; she speaks in regular keigo (respectful speech) while speaking to her fellow imperial military members, meaning her usual speech is something she adapted on her own.


  1. Ouka turns 16 during Kapitel 80 (page 11).
  2. Post-timeskip, Kapitel 99