Ribidzile dragon
リビドザイルのドラゴン Ribidozairu no doragon
A Ribidzile dragon, as seen in the manga.
General information
Appearance Mammalian
Habitat Universal
Status Common
Uses Transportation
Anime Episode 1
Manga Kapitel 1

The Ribidzile Dragon is the dragon that flies the Ribidzile, one of the primary methods of transport for members of the military. Unlike the Hawkzile, which is supported by the Wendi Skyrunner, the animal that the Ribidzile is built on has so far remained nameless. It appears to be a common species of dragon, as many have been seen being used by the military.

Anatomy Edit

The Ribidzile dragon is covered with black fur, has feathered wings, and is massive in size, being many times larger than the Wendi skyrunner but of similar size to the Fyulong dragon, and having a similar long, thin body. The Ribidzile dragon also resembles the Fyulong in the appearance of its face, bearing the same long snout and large teeth, with the teeth of the top jaw extending over the bottom jaw. However, they lack the horns and mane possessed by the Fyulong and also have different tails, the Fyulongs having tails similar to lions, whereas the tail of the Ribidzile dragon is much more bird-like. However, upon closer inspection, they have the bulbous throats of the Wendi skyrunner, suggesting they may be a closely related species, or indeed the adult form.


The behaviour of the Ribidzile dragon is virtually unknown, but their choice as a war vehicle suggests they are creatures that are undisturbed by loud noises and bright lights, and unconfused by multiple, moving objects.


Ribidzile dragons probably live in, or at least can survive in, highly industrialised and human-occupied areas.[1]


  1. There are many Ribidzile dragons in District 1, a region in which there are advanced technology and a lot of human inhabitants.
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