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Reuen Family
ロイエン家 Roienke
Biographical information
Nationality District 3
Current Head of House Unknown
Political information
Position Nobility

One of the Seven Houses of God

Home Unknown
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Reuen (sometimes alternatively spelled as Royen or Ryan) Family are the descendants of the God House of Landkarte. Thus, members of the Reuen Family can be reincarnated as Landkarte.

In a flashback, Katsuragi appeared to wear a long, white, embroidered robe with full-length sleeves. This could mean that members of the Reuen family wear such clothing. However, Katsuragi was wearing the robe while partaking in a religious ceremony, so it is also possible that such clothing is not typically worn by the Reuens, and only donned on special occasions.

Family Members[]

Family Tree[]

                     │(Many generations)
                    Katsuragi (current)