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Rena's Mother
Name unknown Name unknown
Rsz iscan 009 scanlation.jpg
A photo of Rena's mother.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality District 4
Gender Female
Age Unknown (middle-aged)
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown (average)
Weight Unknown (thin build)
Personal status
Status Deceased (murdered)
Relatives Almarz Family
Professional status
Occupation Owner of the Almarz Residence
Affiliation Almarz Family

Almarz Residence

Manga Kapitel 55 (flashback, only appearance)
Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA (manga only)

She is the deceased mother of Rena and was the previous owner of the Almarz Residence. She was murdered via poisoning by her sister-in-law, Ugur's wife, and trusted Rena to protect the Almarz Residence from the greedy clutches of Ugur's wife, Ugur and Nyx.


Physical appearance[]

Coincidentally, she bears a great resemblance to Rutia, who successfully impersonated her. Rena's mother appeared to have long hair, narrow eyes, an average height and a thin build. 


Like many other noblewomen in the series, she wore a long, formal dress.


From what little has been shown of her, she demonstrated a loyal and caring personality through her faith in her daughter and determination to protect her family's estate.



She was shown to greatly trust her daughter, and Rena was visibly distraught at her death, indicating that they loved each other and probably had a good relationship.

Ugur's Wife[]

Her sister-in-law and killer. Ugur's wife evidently hated her, though whether the hatred was mutual or one-sided is unknown.


He shared his wife's desire to kill Rena's mother, which suggests that he also hated her.

Her mother[]

She seems to have a great deal of respect for her mother, as her dying wish was for Rena to protect Almarz Residence.

LyonSada and Oole[]

The details of her relationships with them are unknown, but they appeared to be angry and perturbed at the thought of Ugur killing her and taking Almarz Residence for himself.


Rena's mother is one of five offspring born to Rena's maternal grandparents. She grew up (presumably in Almarz Residence) alongside her siblings and inherited the Residence when her mother died. At some point in time, she gave birth to Rena, whose father's identity was not shown or stated, and lived to see Rena grow almost old enough to inherit the Residence.

Manga synopsis[]

She is briefly seen in a flashback when Rena explains the need for Rutia to impersonate her (Rena's mother). It is revealed that she died of poisoning, and the culprit is her brother Ugur's wife. Rena's mother's last words were addressed to Rena, telling her to protect "Grandmother's land". Her death was concealed by Elikt for a while.