Raggs War Profe
Name Unknown Name Unknown
Female profe
Raggs War Profe, as seen in the manga.
Aliases Profe
Species Ghost
Nationality Presumably District 4
Gender Female
Age Ageless (estimated physical age 20-30 at time of death)
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased (as a human)

Reincarnated (as a Ghost)

Relatives Profe (ancestor)
Other members of the Krat Family
Professional status
Occupation Ghost
Affiliation Seven Ghosts

Krat Family
Chief of Heaven
Seven Houses of God
The Cuvere

Manga Kapitel 67
Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA

Raggs War Profe is an unnamed minor protagonist and a post mortem character in the 07-Ghost series. She was Labrador's predecessor.


Physical appearanceEdit

The Raggs War Profe was a slender young woman with wavy and waist-length blonde hair. On the whole, she looked like a female version of Labrador.

As ProfeEdit

Being one of the Seven Ghosts, she appears as a skeleton when in her true form.


Her dress was a two-piece affair, dark on top with Chinese-style stitching and flaring out into a long, layered skirt. She paired the outfit with simple flat shoes. On her arms, she wore opera-length fingerless gloves and a plain ring on the middle finger of her right hand.[1]


Her personality was very similar to Labrador's, though she did not share his sadistic side.



It seems that Mikhail liked the Raggs War Profe the most out of the previous generation of Ghosts, and he called her pretty. This may be due to the fact that Mikhail shows bias towards those who are good looking.

The other GhostsEdit

The Raggs War Profe got along well and worked well with the other Ghosts. Like Karu/Ea, the Raggs War Fest and the Raggs War Relikt, she was shocked and horrified when Landkarte's betrayal was uncovered. It was Landkarte who killed her, along with the Raggs War Fest and the Raggs War Relikt, ten years ago, causing Relikt, Profe and Fest to reincarnate.


Early childhoodEdit

Not much is known about the Raggs War Profe's early years. She was born into the noble lineage of the Krat family.


At some point in her life, the Raggs War Profe died and was reincarnated as Profe. The cause of her physical death was poisoning.

Manga SynopsisEdit

The Raggs War Profe first appeared in manga chapter 67, in a flashback of Teito's. She was shown hugging Mikhail, calling him cute. Along with the other members of the previous generation of Seven Ghosts, she provided Fea Kreuz and Teito with help and guidance during the Raggs War.

Kapitel 88 reveals that she was killed ten years ago, by Landkarte, who decapitated her along with Raggs War Fest and Raggs War Relikt after they discovered Landkarte's treachery.

Nothing else is known about her, and she remains unnamed along with the other previous Ghosts, apart from Guido, Fea Kreuz, Karu and Katsuragi (current).

Abilities and AttributesEdit

She had Profe's gift of foresight and had been alive for about 990 years, remembering all of her past lives.


  • She is the only female Ghost reincarnation shown, and one of the only two known female gods in the series, the other being Eve.
  • She is one of three Ghost vessels who are known to have died of poisoning, the other two being Karu and Raggs War Fest.


  1. Kapitel 88 page 18.

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