Raggs War Fest
Name unknown Name unknown
Raggs War Fest, as he appears in the manga.
Aliases Fest
Species Ghost
Nationality Presumably District 6
Gender Male
Age Ageless (estimated physical age 30-35 at time of death)
Birthday September 19th
Height 182 cm
Weight 63 kg
Personal status
Status Deceased (as a human via poisoning)

Deceased (as Fest via decapitation)

Relatives Fest (ancestor)
Other members of the Hausen Family
Professional status
Occupation Bishop

Acted as the Ghost Fest

Affiliation Seven Ghosts

Hausen Family
Chief of Heaven
Seven Houses of God
The Cuvere

Manga Kapitel 67
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Raggs War Fest is an unnamed minor protagonist and a post mortem character in the 07-Ghost series. He was Castor's predecessor.


Physical appearanceEdit

He looked somewhat like Castor, with a height and build that were similar to Castor's, but was slightly taller than Castor. Being a noble, he probably had pale skin. His hair was short, and official coloured art shows that it was a light orange-brown in colour. His face was less round than Castor's, making him look somewhat older.

As FestEdit

Being one of the Seven Ghosts, he appears as a skeleton when in his true form.


He wore glasses, as well as a bishop's robes, indicating that he was a bishop.


He suggested questioning Queen Vanessa Antwort during the Raggs War, and deduced that Karu was killed off for another Barsburg family member's benefit, showing that he was perceptive and knowledgeable. He also seemed to be a calm person, never raising his voice or losing his temper, and did not appear to possess a sadistic streak, unlike Castor.


Early yearsEdit

Not much is known about the Raggs War Fest's early years. He was born on September 19th (citation needed) into the noble lineage of the Hausen family.


At some point in his life, the Raggs War Fest died and was reincarnated as Fest. The cause of his physical death was poisoning.

Manga synopsisEdit

The Raggs War Fest first appeared in manga chapter 67, in a flashback of Teito's. Along with the other members of the previous generation of Ghosts, he provided Fea Kreuz and Teito with help and guidance during the Raggs War. He was killed by Landkarte ten years ago when he, Raggs War Relikt and Raggs War Profe discovered Landkarte's treachery.

Nothing else is known about him at this point, and he remains unnamed along with the other Ghosts of the previous generation, apart from Fea Kreuz, Guido, Karu and Katsuragi (current).

Abilities and AttributesEdit

He had Fest's ability to bind souls and had been alive for about 990 years, remembering all of his past lives. He also presumably had standard Ghost abilities: erasing memories and greater resistance to extreme temperatures than humans.

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