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Little is known about Princess Celestine. All that is known is that she was the loyal wife to The Chief of Heaven and a great mother towards Eve. Celestine was murdered buy Verloren due to the fact she didn't want him around her daughter at such a young age (he could corrupt Eve's mind). Celestine never liked being called Princess because she never wanted to feel over anybody.


The Chief Of Heaven

The Chief was deeply in love with Celestine. He thought she was a great wife and mother of his child. The Chief was grief-stricken and craving revenge after Celestine's death.


Eve, however, was The daughter of The Chief and Princess Celestine. Eve was very fond towards her mother due to the fact that Celestine gave her daughter a chance to speak.


Verloren envied Celestine because she wouldn't let her daughter go see him. Celestine called Verloren immature, selfish and dangerous. This caused Verloren to take it the wrong way and murder Eve's mother.

Teito Klein

Celestine has a very close telepathic connection with Teito. She tends to give him warnings.


Celestine resembles Mavis Vermillion from Fairy Tail, due to their green eyes and blonde hair.

Celestine gave birth at 24 and died at 32.