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In order to keep this site in top shape for the enjoyment of the readers, there is a strict set of rules that must be followed by all editors. Any edits which do not follow the rules will be changed or removed from the wikia.

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For a more detailed guide and specific information on certain types of pages, please see the Manual of Style page.

General policiesEdit

Most of the policies on this wiki are derived from standard practice that has been established due to common sense.
The following rules apply to every page.

  • Assume good faith
  • Before making a new page, check that there isn't an already existing page for it.
  • If you're still unsure of the formatting of a page, check other articles of the same type for examples (e.g. if you're making an article on a character, follow the examples of other character pages).
  • Only upload an image if you are confident it will go on an article. Do not upload images just for the sake of uploading images. Images that cannot be placed anywhere will be deleted.
  • Use paragraphs. Paragraphs are required in articles, as they look professional and make the information easier to sort and read. Different topics should be separated with a heading.
  • Try to add references whenever possible, especially quotes
  • Images on articles must be of a good quality, 300px wide when used inside an episode or chapter infobox, and 250px wide when added anywhere else. Articles should only contain official art. Fanart is allowed if the intention is for it to go on your profile page.
    • Before uploading anime screenshots, please make sure they do not have subtitles.
    • Before uploading manga scans, please make sure the speech/thought bubbles have been blotted out. This is out of respect for those scanning and translating the manga online.
  • No obscene/inappropriate information/images.
    • No profanity (except when quoting characters) or your account will be blocked for 3 months. If abusive/inappropriate language continues, your account will be blocked permanently when the ban expires.
    • No uploading nude/exposing pictures or putting them in character articles, or you will be blocked permanently.

Specific PoliciesEdit


An article will be deleted for a number of reasons:

  • If it is spam, advertising or anything irrelevant to the series.
  • Articles that are about small details (example: Frau's Hat).
  • Articles that are about the same character (example: Teito, Teito Klein)

An image will be deleted for a number of reasons:

  • It has subtitles/speech bubbles that are not blotted out.
  • It is of a very poor quality.
  • The image cannot be placed on any page.

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