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General information
Volume number 9
Chapter number 54.5
Number of pages 24
Cover Phrase NA
Cover Character(s) Kuroyuri
Anime counterpart NA
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Preceded by
Kapitel 54
Followed by
Kapitel 55


Kuroyuri tries to get food for him/herself at a vending machine, but is too short to reach the button he/she wants. Haruse, seeing Kuroyuri's struggle, presses the button for him/her, but Kuroyuri, embarrassed at needing help, shouts at him and runs off.

Haruse is next seen in his room, talking to his roommate and thinking about Kuroyuri. He decides to bake some desserts for Kuroyuri, but when he gives the desserts to him/her, Kuroyuri says that the food has no taste. Disheartened, Haruse is about to give up on his passion for baking entirely and instead devote his attention to the military from then on, but then remembers that Kuroyuri poured a liquid called "Blue Sky Sauce" on his/her food.

Believing that if he ingests the Blue Sky Sauce, he will gain a better understanding of Kuroyuri's dietary preferences, he obtains a bottle of the sauce and is about to drink it when his roommate comes in, and, panicking, tries to wrestle the bottle away from Haruse. However, this results in Haruse accidentally pouring the sauce down his roommate's throat, and his roommate faints, to Haruse's shock.

Haruse meets with Kuroyuri again, and learns that Kuroyuri has no sense of taste due to someone poisoning his/her food when he/she was younger. As Haruse and Kuroyuri are talking, Haruse's roommate (who has recovered) walks by and sees them. He later confronts Haruse in their room, and tells him about Kuroyuri being a Warsfeil. Haruse is surprised, but still determined to be Kuroyuri's friend. 

A short while later, Haruse meets Hyuuga, who challenges him to a sword duel, saying that if Haruse is unable to defend himself and dies, Kuroyuri would be upset. However, before Haruse and Hyuuga can duel, Kuroyuri appears, and screaming at Hyuuga, kicks the swordsman away. Kuroyuri then turns to Haruse, and proclaims that Haruse will not want to be friends with him/her anymore, due to Kuroyuri being a Warsfeil. To Kuroyuri's surprise, Haruse replies that he still wants to be his/her friend.

At the end of the chapter, Haruse has apparently joined the Black Hawks and is now Kuroyuri's begleiter. Kuroyuri forces Hyuuga to eat some "tuna chocolate" while Haruse watches and Ayanami does paperwork in the background, ignoring his subordinates' antics.

Quotes from this ExtraEdit

  • 'I became someone who refused to die! That's what I decided.' (Kuroyuri to Haruse)
  • 'Hyuuga, you huge idiot!' (Kuroyuri, after seeing Hyuuga challenge Haruse to a duel)
  • 'It's not that it's not good. I can't taste it.' (Kuroyuri to Haruse, after Haruse prepares some food for him/her)

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