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パール Parl
Parl, as he appears in the manga.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown (possibly Ria)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Carl (brother)
Professional status
Occupation Loan shark
Affiliation Himself and Carl
Manga Kapitel 60
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Parl is a minor antagonist in the 07-Ghost series. He is Carl's brother.


Physical appearance[]

Parl is considerably shorter and plumper than his brother. He has spiky tufts of light-coloured hair at the sides of his head, a large nose, and a large bald spot in the centre of his scalp, suggesting that he shaves his head, like Carl. His face is perfectly round save for a squarish chin.


He wears dark glasses and an ankle length coat with a black fur collar. He also wears many pieces of jewellery on his hands.


He apparently has a personality that was similar to his brother's, also being flamoyant, dramatic and arrogant. However, he does not seem to be as much of a leader as Carl, and often looks to Carl for guidance.



Parl and Carl seem to get along well, possibly due to their similar personalities and ways of thinking. The two brothers were shown to have no problem cooperating with each other and working together during the Hawkzile race.


Early childhood[]

Little is known about Parl's early years. He presumably grew up alongside his brother Carl.


At some point in his adult life, he began working as a loan shark.

Manga synopsis[]

Parl appeared together with his brother in the Hawkzile Race, where the two attempted to harass and intimidate Frau and Teito Klein. Frau and Teito took the team names that the two brothers had originally intended to use. Both Parl and Carl briefly reappeared in Kapitel 93, along with Carl's subordinates, and also in Kapitel 99, where Parl and Carl are shown talking in a Barsburg airport. Carl declares that he will find a new business opportunity because slavery will soon be abolished in the Empire. Parl's reaction is not shown but it is likely that he went along with Carl's plan.


  • While Parl and Carl call each other brothers, it is unknown if they truly are brothers. They bear very little resemblance to each other.
  • Parl is implied to be considered unattractive within the series universe. When Velne, a Wars woman who fed on attractive men to preserve her beauty, saw a picture of him and Carl, she said "Out of the question."
  • Since Parl and Carl are not taken seriously by Frau and Teito, and even helped them on a few occasions (albeit reluctantly and out of fear), the brothers are arguably comic relief characters and not really villains.

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