Pandora's Box
パンドラの箱 Pandora no haku
The inside of Pandora's Box, as it appears in the anime.
Purpose To seal the body of Verloren.
Owner(s) Teito Klein
Manga Kapitel 26
Anime Episode 25
This article is about the spiritual object. For the manga chapter, see Kapitel 43

Pandora's Box is the realm where the body of Verloren is confined to, by the power of the Eye of Mikhail. It has been guarded by the Barsburg Church for a 'thousand years'.[1]


A Pandora's Box can be a human body or an ordinary box (manga chapter 26, the black coffin behind King Antwort), although the former case is very rare because Verloren can come out from a human box easily (after he has eaten the soul of that human or when the human dies).


In a chapter in the manga, King Weldeschtein of Raggs wanted to move Verloren's Body into a new, empty coffin as the original coffin is wearing out, but he didn't know that Tiashe has been placed in the new coffin by the Pope, so he accidentally moves Verloren's Body into Tiashe. Once inside Tiashe, Verloren's Body wants to devour Tiashe's soul, but King Raggs discovers his mistake in time and puts the Eye of Mikhail (which can protect his master's soul from Verloren's Body) into Tiashe. Protected by the angel Mikhail, Tiashe acts as a Pandora's Box (the first successful case of a human box).

Modern historyEdit

After successfully recapturing Tiashe, Ayanami kept him as his assistant. Ayanami and the Barsburg military brainwashed Tiashe and succeeded in unlocking several locks in Tiashe's psyche, but when Tiashe saw Frau at Princess Ouka's masquerade ball, he regained his memory. Pandora's Box was eventually opened, but Verloren did not harm Tiashe and his (Verloren's) spirit left to live in seclusion.


  • The Seven Ghosts have tried to bring the Pandora's Box to Seele to destroy Verloren's Body, but their attempts have all failed, because no one is allowed to bring anything except himself into Seele (manga chapter 68).
  • Tiashe had planned to go to Seele with Frau, but was captured by Ayanami on the way (manga chapter 71).
  • It was revealed that to open the Gate of Hell, a person (except for Verloren) has to collect the Sins from the Seven God Houses or the Seven Ghosts, which will in turn form the key. During the Raggs' War, Fea Kreuz, as Ghost Vertrag, was the first ghost who had tasked himself to take Tiashe (the Pandora's Box) to Seele, but he failed. Eleven years later, Frau, as Zehel, took over this mission.
  • The name of Pandora's Box is probably derived from the Greek myth about a woman named Pandora, who was created by the gods and released sin into the world when she opened a box that they gave her. As an act of mercy, the gods also sealed hope in Pandora's Box-this could be the inspiration for Teito's beautiful soul being a source of hope despite the threat of Verloren's revival.


  1. In Kapitel 28, Miroku says this.

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