One day I saw the sky
One day I saw the sky 01
One day I saw the sky
General information
Volume number 10
Chapter number 58.5
Number of pages 31
Cover Phrase Justl ike the time I saw the sky
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Anime counterpart NA
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Preceded by
Kapitel 58
Followed by
Kapitel 59


Teito has a flashback of his days as Miroku Barsburg's combat sklave, recalling how he was tasked with killing criminals who were condemned to death. While living in Miroku's home, he endured verbal abuse from Karu and the only member of the household who was kind to him was the maid Kurena

One day, after finding himself unable to execute a criminal who cried out for his mother, Teito is deeply upset, and when Karu taunts him, his distress is only further increased. He tries to escape, but Kurena stops him. Teito pleads with her, and she moves aside, but Karu appears and reveals that if Kurena lets Teito escape, she will be killed. Upon hearing this, Teito stops trying to escape. He then starts bringing small gifts e.g. a feather to Kurena, hoping she will enjoy them.

Teito eventually leaves Miroku's household to enrol in Barsburg Military Academy, and pays Kurena one last visit before his departure. She writes the words "On your back, there are wings. Fly wherever you want." on his hand, and he resolves to someday set Kurena free. 

Some time later, Kurena is looking fondly at all the gifts Teito gave her, when Karu informs her that Teito is pursuing his own path. Kurena smiles to herself.

Quotes from this ExtraEdit

  • "Even if you escape, where are you going to go? You have no family and no home to return to." (Karu to Teito when Teito tries to escape)

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