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Old Servant
Name unknown Name unknown
Rsz hscan 025.jpg
The old servant (right) with Rena and Elikt.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality District 4
Gender Male
Age Probably between 60 and 80
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Servant
Affiliation Almarz Family

Almarz Residence

Manga Kapitel 55
Anime NA
Japanese NA

The Old Servant is a nameless, minor character who only appeared in manga chapters 55, 56 and 57. He is one of Rena's servants.


Physical appearance[]

He is balding, and what little hair he has is light-coloured (probably white). His height and build are both average.


As a servant of a noble family, he wears the appropriate attire.


He is friendly and cheerful, as he is often seen smiling, and also seems to be more composed than the other, younger servants.


Little is known about his history. He has apparently been working in Rena's home long enough to be familiar with all her relatives and the other servants, and is the oldest servant there.

Manga synopsis[]

The old servant is first seen confronting Teito Klein, Frau and Capella at the entrance to Rena's house, alongside the other servants. When Teito, Frau and Capella eventually enter the house, he goes to stand behind the couch Rena seats herself on. He is later seen telling Teito, Frau and Capella to change into more appropriate attire when Rena's relatives visit.

His last appearance in the series is when he sees Frau and Teito off, alongside Rena, the other servants, and Capella; bowing as Teito's and Frau's Hawkzile departs.