Oak House
オクハウズ Oku hauzu
A front view of the Oak House, as seen in the manga.
Physical information
Location District 2
Position House of God
Home of the Oak Family
Manga Kapitel 75
Anime NA
Location on map

The Oak House is one of the Seven Houses of God, and is the God House of Relikt. It is located in District 2 in the Barsburg Empire. It is Wakaba Oak's home, but it is uncertain if this house contains all the Oaks (96 members).

The house is gigantic (manga chapter 77, page 5), with long hall ways decorated with pictures on the wall (page 6 and 16). There are trees neatly cut and planted. There are towers (possibly for guards or for a better view of the scenery).

Even the butler's children have their own room (manga chapter 75 page 29).

There is an ancestral graveyard in the estate. As Wakaba Oak is buried there, it is likely that members of the Oak Family (or possibly just the members of the head family, considering that Wakaba comes from the head family) are buried there.

Servants who have been serving the family long enough may be considered as "family", as Karein Celestine, the former butler to Wakaba, is allowed to put his child (Mikage Celestine)'s grave there. (manga chapter 75)

Because it is family tradition that an Oak should become either a politician or a military officer, it seems that this House has the goals of prospering Barsburg as well as the Oak Family, a pillar of Barsburg's politics and military.

As the God House of the Ghost Relikt, it bears one of the seven Cursed Tickets. (manga chapter 77)

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