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Ninth Layer of Hell
地獄の第九層 Jigoku no daiku-sō
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Physical information
Location Hell
Language Language of the Gods
Currency None
Government Monarchy
Ruler Verloren
Manga Kapitel 94
Anime NA
Location on map

The Ninth Layer of Hell, also known as the Ninth Circle of Hell, or the Ninth Sphere of Hell, is a section of Hell that is implied to be somewhere within Verloren's core. The revered god and archangel Mikhail constantly threatens to take his opponents to this place, with the implication that this is not an idle threat. 

Powers and Abilities[]

Book of Hades[]

The Ninth Layer of Hell and the Book of Hades seem to be connected to each other, as Ea can send souls to the Ninth Circle of Hell if he determines the severity of their actions has warranted it.


According to Eve, time is an unstable element within the Ninth Sphere of Hell. She notes that even though Landkarte has spent decades within it, only moments have passed in the real world.


Although people who commit terrible crimes are sent to the Ninth Layer of Hell as punishment, they can ascend to Heaven if they acknowledge and admit their wrongdoings, or if it's the Chief of Heaven's will.


Eve (omnipresent)

Teito Klein (formerly; escaped)

Frau (formerly; escaped)

Landkarte (formerly; ascended to Heaven)

Karu (formerly; ascended to Heaven)


  • Despite its status as the worst part of hell, Mikhail implied in a drama CD that he is able to make others feel despair beyond even that which is felt in the ninth layer of hell, though he could have been exaggerating.
  • The ninth layer of hell is mentioned in the epic poem Divine Comedy . The authors of 07-Ghost may have been inspired or influenced by this poem.