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ネネ Nene
Rsz n026.jpg
Nene in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality District 24
Gender Female
Age Probably between 7 and 13
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Ryuu (older brother)
Professional status
Occupation None
Affiliation District 24
Manga Kapitel 71
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Nene  is a minor character who first appeared in Kapitel 71.


In Spanish and Portuguese, 'nene' means 'child', 'baby' or 'darling', depending on the context. [1]


Physical appearance[]

Nene is rather short, being a young child, and has an average build. Her hair is dark, centre-parted, long enough to reach her mid-back, and tied into a ponytail with a few strands falling over her forehead. Her eyes are also dark, and large. Similar to the other members of her group, she is covered with dirt stains. 


She wears a short-sleeved, light-coloured V-neck shirt with a single small, round button on the front.


Nene appears to be kind, helpful and somewhat shy.


RyuuRyuu is protective of Nene. She is his only family.

Manga synopsis[]

She fetches some water for Frau after he awakens. Frau, in his exhausted state, mistakes her for Teito, and grabs her hand, causing her to stare at him in shock. Frau apologises, but Nene's older brother, Ryuu, attacks Frau, thinking that Frau has bad intentions towards Nene. Barm then restrains Ryuu while Nene and Moz give Frau the water.

Nene briefly reappears near the end of Kapitel 79, along with Ryuu, and silently watches Frau, Castor and Labrador enter Princess Ouka's party. She and Ryuu do not appear again after this.