ニール Niiru
Physical information
Location District 4
Language Language of Barsburg
Currency Yuus
Government Monarchy
Ruler Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg
Manga Kapitel 55
Anime NA
Location on map

Neal (sometimes alternatively spelled as Neel or Neale) is a port town in District 4 and the starting point of the Hawkzile Race. The town has a drinking bar and is industrialized enough to be able to host the earliest stage of the Hawkzile race.


The name 'Neal' is a variant of 'Neil', a masculine given name of Irish and Gaelic origins that means 'champion'.

Manga synopsisEdit

It first appeared in manga chapter 55. While searching for Rutia (Capella's mother), Frau and Teito Klein stopped in Neal, and Frau made Teito, who was sick with a fever at the time, rest on a sofa in a bar there, while Frau and Capella questioned Master about the Almarz Residence.

Neal appeared again when Frau and Teito registered for the Hawkzile race.

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