Mountain Road
山道 Yamamichi
The mountain road, as it appears in the manga.
Physical information
Location District 6
Position Road through the mountains
Manga Kapitel 34
Anime NA
Location on map

The Mountain Road is a long road that runs through the mountains at the borders of District 6. It provides a shortcut through the District but is fraught with many perils, being the natural habitat of many large and dangerous creatures, such as bears, which is the reason it is said to be inhabited by monsters. Because of its reputation, it is easy to go through without the risk of being followed. The road takes roughly a day to cross.[1]


The mountain road is a long, uneven, rocky stretch of land around the border of District 6, weaving in and out of the mountains there, hence its name. Surrounding the road are coniferous forests with pine trees, where the earth is quite soft, that thin out towards the peaks of the mountains, where the ground is much more rocky and unstable. The mountains have many caves and other gaps between the rock, which provide homes for many mountain dwelling creatures, mainly bears.


  1. Said by Frau in Kapitel 34.

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